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Snow Day

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The lowest point found me
shivering in a filthy kitchen
The second day of January

I'd walked away from my old life
a lover, a home, a decade of meaning
all stripped and left upstream

The blue mind and splintered heart
of a thousand Christmas drinks
conspired behind my leaky eyes

No friends around, no work in front of me
The year loomed huge and empty
a vast and frozen lake of days

For the first time, I considered giving up
Wondering how it would feel
to walk this body backwards

Close my eyes in the scarlet water
slip into the warm and fuzzy nothing
I was broke and I was broken

But then… my starving eyes were caught
by the shifting of mysterious blue light
and snow drifting high outside the window

I donned a coat, loped through the doorway
touched the powdery white with gloved hands
those dense and sticky flakes, a tactile consistency

I felt compelled, by something deep within
to build an igloo in the garden
and I got to snow-brick making

Time passed and the day began to darken
my frosty folly was taking shape
I lit a candle on a sculpted shelf inside

It felt so warming to accomplish something
This unique and special structure existed now
albeit fleeting and temporary

Building that igloo honestly saved me
with purpose and a chance for creativity
that most precarious day, one lost January…


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Tue 18th Jul 2023 22:06

Thanks Keith and Stephen, I'm so pleased it connected with you. I was worried it was a bit full on or on the nose, having compressed a whole mess of emotions into the story but glad you took the hope from it.

Thanks also to Tom, Stephen and Holden for the likes and for reading. I've now added audio.

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 18th Jul 2023 06:38

A poem of hope and redemption, Tom. I really enjoyed it.

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keith jeffries

Mon 17th Jul 2023 19:35

a remarkable poem which embodies anguish, despair and a resurrection through creativity. Your honesty comes through loud and clear. I think many readers will be able to relate to this in part or whole. Thank you for a well scripted and meaningful poem.

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