2022 Trev finally gets to Texas: A long time comin': Part 3 Austin to Midland

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Image: Chris relaxing at the motel prior to goingto the gig at Destination that evening, we only dedcide to make it a twosome the afternoon before setting off. We had a great night at Destination and a free meal.


17.11.22 – 68) Rise, shower, dress pack and away

Pick up Chris along the way, decision was made yesterday

He thought it would be hip joinin’ me on my poetry road trip

To Midland for my first gig, my tour would keep on track

I’d carry on he’d make his own way back

Off we went with eager intent

Along 183 I we roll I think “no worries I’ll pay the toll”.

It’s goin’ fine we turn left as usual on 29

Chris sleeps an’ I drive seein’ more an’ more

Scenery an remember drives before

Hoes not in vain, it feels good to be drivin’ that familiar route again

Stop for breakfast on te way Chris say’s “I’ll pay”

Breakfast over an’ done once more we run

Westward over plain an’ through town I remember to slow down

Chat with Chris’s friend Alan from Scotland online, really fine

About a book he’s writin’ really delightin’

A career choice heh made, served with his local Fire Brigade

Like me he’s retired and art writin’ was inspired

He says “bye” we carry on an’ it don’t seem long

Before we arrive at the motel, things have gone alright

An’ we can relax before the gig tonight

An’ I’m thinkin’ about the Motel 6 that was nicely positioned

And yet again I didn’t get propositioned


69) The Destination Midland the place to be for music and poetry

An’ it’s my first time sharin’ my rhyme

Been waitin’ a while but it’s here at last

Poems inspired by music, world events an’ more

Read by the one billed as Trev the Travelling Poetry Troubador

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