2022 Trev finally gets to Texas: A long time comin': Part 2 Austin

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Saw this mural when I had parked up for a poetry workshop, reminded me of when I first came and there were novelty items saying "Keep Austin Weird".


04.11.22 – 15) We landed last night it was still light

But it seemed a pain, waiting to get off the plane

Then it was go, to the carousel but it was slow

It wasn’t a gaffe, they were short on staff

One man unloading on his own at last my case came

Then it was a wait to get through the customs gate

Then at last I was clear, I thought let me get out of here

Car collected, as usual bigger than expected

Then away, it seemed the sat nav didn’t want to play

Seemed to be searching for ever, things didn’t seem too clever

Slight feeling of dread, till a woman’s voice said

To my delight. “Take the next right”

Instructions heeded all I needed drive with care soon I was there

Thinkin’ what better way to end a long day

Than to lay my head in a comfy bed

For nine hours or more an’ see what tomorrow has in store


16) Woken by the rain, soon nodded off again

Hear the alarm sound, to the bathroom bound

Showered an’ dressed, ready to face the day ahead

But first to be fed, thought “hot dogs will do” so to where to get them I flew

But it was no joke, to find the machine had broke 

So a sandwich was had by this travellin’ lad

No need for sorrow, I’ll use Burger King tomorrow


17) So to the Library I went, time would be spent

As usual on my roam, catching up on things back home

Hotmail went ok but Facebook didn’t want to play

Wrong key pressed an without doubt, well and truly locked out

Later I got it back an’ things were once more on track

Meanwhile I was downtown bound and a cell phone shop found

A simple sim card plan, cheap enough or any travelling man

So to my delight, at least one thing had gone right


18) To the AWR to make it clear, the road poets back here

To my elation I found a Country Music station

Wonderful sound as to the AWR I’m bound

So pleased were they to learn of my return

Hugs an’ smiles after all the miles

Still some animals there gettin’ tender love an’ care

Mouse, squirrel, opossum, dear, racoon an’ raptor

When well will be released from the temporary captor

Felt good to be back, now decide on a date to start

Volunteerin’ a task that’s close to my heart

Then away but first a warnin’, thunderstorm’s expected before morning

So with Country Music playin’ away, off I go to enjoy the rest of the day


05.11.22 – 19 The air was fresh the sky bright,

After the thunderstorm last night

Down it came, can’t complain, much needed rain

Forgot to set the alarm last night, no need for fright

Things’ll be fine, Library doesn’t open till nine

Breakfast first on the way, but not the same farce as yesterday

Call at Burger King on the way and like as not. At last breakfast’ll be hot

Sausage, egg an’ cheese croissant-wich, coffee now I’m fed

Gonna sit a while before I head

On my way to enjoy another long awaited Austin day


20) St Johns Library again once more catch up on news from home

Hotmail an’ Facebook still an essential part of my roam

Download photos from Camera to USB,

Then to my Facebook album for all to see

Showing where I’ve been, what I’ve seen

Poems copied to USB too then I’m away

To enjoy the first event of my tour today


21) Hancock’s Park and Golf Course an’ it’s national My Park Day

They’ve stopped the golf so we can sing and say

A brief look round, there’s photos to take, of golf course, stream and lake

Then back and ready an’ to my delight

I’m given the honour of being the first to recite

But first me an Thom are meeting “Welcome home Trev” his greeting

Then I make a start with the poem “From the Heart”

My first at the AIPF in 2011, my first taste of a Texas Poetry Heaven

To my delight, it went just right, a pause, then applause

My first score, The Road Poet recitin’ in Texas once more


22)  Thom’s got his Olbas Oil at last

It’s been in my wardrobe for over two years past

He was so pleased he said “Thanks Trevor”

An’ I replied, “Better late than never”.


23) Nate on Keyboard got the music started

Thom recited, Darren played guitar performing whole hearted

Albert with his guitar played an’ sang some more

Laura on ukulele made it four

But Laura was late an I was asked if I was willin’ to do a quick fill in

So I read my poems, three more about my 2012 Poetry Tour

An’ I’m thinkin’ as I come away so far it’s been a great day


24) Day’s endin’ so I’m spendin’ some time reflectin’

Where I’ve been, what I’ve done an’ seen 

Those whom I’ve delighted, when I’ve recited

Those I’ve met for the first time when I’ve read my rhyme

Means so much when they say keep in touch

Then smile when I meet friends I haven’t seen for a while

Waitin not in vain, how good to hug again

An’ before the day ends, supper an’ a movie with friends

Plenty to talk about an’ say an’ tomorrows another day


06.11.22 – 25) Sky of grey as I rise for the day

No need to rush, enjoy the mornin’ hush

Coffee to bring me round before I’m bound

My way I’ll wend to the AWR on the road called Elbow Bend

Listening to my favourite music on the way

An a breakfast stop, what better way to start the day


26) Hopes of hot dogs for breakfast were in vain there were non again

Guy said “they don’t sell on Sunday” I thought “well I’ll try Monday”

Not filled with dread, bought a breakfast taco instead

And sauce, yes cheese of course, cos’ like as not the chili would be too hot

An the roadworks from 2019 were done it’s now a toll

But I didn’t have to pay, cos I knew a different way


27) Day on track it was good to be going back

No one could refute how it felt to be driving that familiar route

An the places where breakfast could be had,

Plenty of choice for this travellin’ lad

In his hire car on the way to the AWR

Where the day begun working in Mammal Room 1

Opossums to be fed, clean pillow cases for a bed

Some snarled as if on the attack, Wonder what they thought when I snarled back

But one thing I can say, is I kept my fingers out of the way

Feedin’ the ringtails an interacting with the raccoons was brill

Then away for the afternoon to chill

Hot afternoon hotter than expected an’ one of my thoughts

Was I wish I’d brought my durned shorts


28) Looked in the trunk to find I’d left my poems behind

At AWR no need for sorrow, I’ll pick them up tomorrow

As for now capture today’s caper on borrowed pen and paper

It’ll be alright cos’ I’m at Kick Butt tonight


29) Kick Butt an’ it’s still warm, I’m hoping to kick up a poetry storm

So far it ain’t been in vain

Ernie B, Hot Tamale, an’ Lost in Thought hugged me an’ said

Welcome back, great to see you again

Then I took the stage after what seemed an age

Introduction an’ I’m there to recite with flair

About what would have been if not for Covid 19

Written in 2020 with emotion a plenty

Then on about how we should be seeing a lesser human being

Ending with one no one had heard or seen

They supposed I couldn’t do it with my mouth closed

But I did, really went to town and brought the house down

Making it plain it was great to be at Kick Butt again


7.11.22 – 30) Once again I’m away, to the AWR for the first part of the day

Ignoring GPS a different route I’d take, that was a big mistake

To my cost I was well and truly lost

Pride swallowed GPS instructions followed

To depend on it getting me there in the end


31 Time affording it was gain rewarding Further getting the gist

Of the animal’s needs, a skunk now added to the list

Couldn’t refute, he was kinda cute

An’ it’ll be okay if I keep away from his read end spray

Then once more away I run in the midday sun

Formulating a plan to find the final resting place of a fellow Yorkshireman


32) Ben Thompson was his name, he of Wild West fame

Said to be good with a gun and at the poker game

Came from Yorkshire with his family at the age of eight

Settled in Austin in the Texas State

Later found he was able, to make living at the poker table

Fought in the Civil War and More

And then, in Abilene running a gambling den

In 1881 his career as a lawman in Austin begun

Doing well as it was said the crime Rate sharply fell

Of his adventures there were more

Till he was murdered in San Antonio in 1884

Buried in Oakwood Cemetery an’ I’ve a mind his grave to find

The I can, pay homage to a fellow Yorkshireman


08.11.22 – 33) This morning was seen

At last hotdogs in the warming machine, So without a to-do I bought two

Hunger sated then away to see what my task is today

To AWR where I’ll see which animals need my care

The racoons were fun, good interaction with every one

Opossums to be fed, sure talks some beatin’

When they’re done an’ I’m watchin’ ‘em eatin’

Feeling of job well done, once more to the library I run

Facebook an’ Hotmail brought up to date

Pictures on album, so it can be seen, What I’ve done an’ where I’ve been

Photos and poems saved to usb so that they can be

Available forever if at the cost of book an’ camera getting lost

Then to Zilker Park before dark

An’ before day ends, time for coffee with friends


09.11.22- 34) Sun’s out like as not it could be hot

To the AWR I go KVET 98.1 Country Music on the radio 

See fog an’ as a rule, think “well it could be cool”

But radio guy says it’s gonna be up to 83

Stop to get some breakfast I hear a guy say

“You sleep in this mornin’” I say “No. it’s much more fun grab an’ go”

In the que we chat a while an’ part with a smile

Each goin’ our own way, wishin’ each other a good day

Then the AWR I gotta bee, cos’ there’s hungry li’l critturs waitin’ for me


35) To racoons and tortoises I attended, care lovingly rendered

Things went alright, despite the water boots I had to wear being tight

Size 8 ain’t fine, when you’re a size 9

Never mind it was a job well done, feeling proud as back to Austin I run 

See turtle looks like he’s hurt, put hit in the trunk of my car

Then back to AWR. If there’s any doubt, they’ll check it out 

It’ll be a delight if it’s alright

If not, we’ll see. It’s in the best place it could be

Water boots are what we call wellingtons


10.11.22 – 36) No AWR today, it’s laundry day

Washing takes three quarters of an hour,

So I’ll do it while I’m in the shower

Then in the dryer, nip out for breakfast while waiting an’ the time’s abatin’

When it’s done I’ll be away for another fullfillin’ day

The library was seen as part of my daily routine

Then downtown bound

To Oakwood Cemetery an’ Ben Thompsons grave found

Almost like finding a long lost brother

One Yorkshireman payin’ homage to another


37) The first event of the day but on the way

I’ll take a break at Ladybird Lake, more photos to take

Then somewhere new, used to be called Strange Brew

No Captain Quackenbushes an’ it’s the first time,

I’ll be there to share my rhyme


38) It was Mollies workshop but she couldn’t make it

So Thom gave me a cake he’d bought saying

“Welcome to Texas Trev, you take it”

Mollies back had gone, I knew how she was feeling

Mine had been bad but was now healing

Haling so well. So I got to Texas as this poem will tell

Mollie texts us to say she’s in the car park but can’t wait

The text is answered but to late

Cos’ when the carpark we look upon we find she’s gone

But really I’m not blue cos’ I got my cake an get to eat it too


39) So we got underway writin’ away

Prompt after prompt, inspiration flowed like a dream

A creative dream, may a score more an’ more

We didn’t count just let the total mount

Let inspiration flow, then it was time to go

Another event ends and we all part as friends

Poems 40 – 47 were written at a workshop at Captain Quackenbush's Coffeehouse, Austin,


40) I would teach you to fly, had I the wings to try

I would teach you to fly, soaring high

I would teach you too fly, upward in the sky

I would teach you to soar, through the heavens for evermore

I would teach you to fly, wings spread open wide

I would teach you to fly, flying by your side

If I had the wings to try, I would teach you to fly


41) Some see Diamonds in the morning sun, Silver in the moon

Sapphires in the blue sea, Emeralds in fields of green

Gold in the corn on a harvest morn

But there’s another beauty I see

The love in the eyes of someone who loves me

Eyes that can’t hide the beauty inside

All the beauty in the world


42) All the squirrels in the world there are many

Would be a bad world if there weren’t any

I’m relaxin’ as I look an’ see, them running wild an’ free

Running round and round on the ground

Or up a tree to get away from me

Watch them scamper, nothing seems to hamper

Or get in their way as they play

I wonder what number would be unfurled,

If we counted, All the Squirrels in the World


43) To live in the dark is not my intent so I search for enlightenment

Ignorance is not bliss, there is so much I could miss

I search to find to broaden my mind, the power of words to describe

Not come out with unwanted diatribe

Enlightenment I see when I create my poetry


44) The Library of your Brave Song under the stars at night

Over my brave song a watch has been kept, while I have slept

A library only I know where to find, forever in my mind

To my delight it’s under the stars at night


45) Do I want a quiet life away from strife?

Away from stress, away from distress

Or do I want to stand proud and shout out loud

Make a dance and song, about the world an’ what’s wrong

Speak out without fear or doubt for the dejected an’ rejected

Do I let things pass me by and leave others to cry?

In a world with fear wrought, there’s battles to be fought

An’ I’ll fight with my poetry, till all the world is free

Free from strife an’ we can all enjoy a quiet life


46) A garden is a world in miniature tended by loving hand

So we can see how the creator wants it to be

With a range of plants as the seasons change

If only our world could be the same

Loved by all who live in a Garden World


47) There’s some who would lock it all away

Caring not for what others say. Saying what is within, is a sin

Not for sharing with you but only with a chosen few

Kept under lock and key for all time as if a crime

I say keep it free for you and me

Keep it free let no one take it away, Legalise Nature


48) Final event of the day, the work of sculptress Elizabet Ney

Busts, heads, body parts, full figures, sculptured arts

To look at and admire, and maybe inspire

Others to make a start, creating their own visual art


11.11.22 – 49) Day started warm no sign of what was to come

Late mornin’ got cooler an’ then some

Temperature downward goin’, wind getting up an’ blowin’

Mornin’ work at AWR done, back through the rain I run

An’ to my delight the tortoise I brought in the other day was alright

An x-ray showed so an’ I was pleased he’d been let go

Now it’s to my lodgings where I’m gonna keep warm an’ sit tight.

Cos’ I’m hopin’ to meet Magic Jack tonight


50) Magic Jack was at The Hive, on Manacha Road over a 10 mile drive

No need to worry set of early so there’s no hurry

Just as well it was getting rush hour, an’ it can tell

I-35 can be like the Highway to Hell, time abatin’ traffic stood waitin’

No good we find for those of impatient mind

Drive goin’ alright, soon I’m past Ben E White*

GPS tellin’ me the way, then for some reason I go astray

Somehow I find, I’ve nbeen payin’ no mind

To the GPS an’ think “Oh blast” realisin’ the exit I’ve gone past

Then think “Oh brother” as I miss another

But still plucky it was third time lucky

Drivin’ with care I made it there

An’ one thing more I’ll tell it was a nice scenic drive as well

*A main road from South Austin to West Texas


51) The look on Jacks face seemed to say “Oh my”

I smiled an’ said “Yes ‘tis I”

I’d driven through rain, it was great to meet again

After Covid at long last, like a ghost form the past

A hug did seal the fact that I was real

Here in the now an’ how

An’ in the main, great to hear Magic Jack sing again


52) The room’s ringin’ to the sound of Jack singin’

An’ at song end he introduces me as his friend

Addin’ with a smile he ain’t seen me for a while.

Didn’t know I was comin’ all the way from the UK

An’ so they would know it, he adds “An’ a fine poet”.

An’ I was glad to be back, with my friend Magic Jack


12.11.22 - 53) Blue sky looks invitin’, but outside a cold wind’s bitin

If it stays this way, no sunbathin’ today

So I’m gonna be at the Library

Closed yesterday out of respect for Veteran’s Day

I’ll be transcribing many a score an’ more

An’ I hope it’s where I find, I left my camera download cable behind


54) At the library it was there on the computer table, the download cable 

All I need to bringthings up to speed

Then away I’m bound, a new friend’s exhibition found

We hug, chat a while an’ smile, I admire her work but cannot lurk

As I say now, it’s time to go to the Pow-Wow

And engage with American Indian heritage

Dancing arts, crafts, costumes for all to see, how things used to be

During the dancing they said you may, join the fray

So I took part, gave it all my heart

Got it on selfie so people would know back home

What I got up to on a poetry roam

Chattin’ to folks takin’ pictures too, no time to be blue

I came away thinkin’ I was glad I went

Only 10 bucks an’ worth every cent


13.11.22 – 55) Sun out, again sky’s bleu an’ again lookin’ invitin’

But again there’s a cold wild bitin’

Sky’s clear but much colder than when I first got here

Goin’ for a drive, let the mornin’ come alive

An’ once more take the road to Ladybird Lake

Then wander by the river takin’ stock

Cos’ there’s nothing happenin’ till 12-o clock


56) On the self-service hot dog stand

It said steak an’ cheese, it looked real grand

Took it went to pay, thought “I’ll eat it on the way

Took a bite and like as not found it was too spicy hot

Ain’t gone far, it went out of the window of my car

I thought, “That’s what I don’t need,

but at least it’ll give the grackles a feed”


57) In April this limey guy,

Wears a baseball cap so the top of his head don’t fry

In November as the year grows cold

He wears a woolly ‘un so it don’t get cold


58) It got warmer in the afternoon, not a moment too soon

The wind dropped some more, not as strong as before

After an Art Exhibition Studio Tour, it’s to the library once more

Upload photos an’ many a score, an as is usual on my roam

Catch up on the news back home

More photos posted to facebook, upload my final score

That’s it I can do no more

Cos’ there’s a book launch to which I’ve bene invited

By Thom an’ I’m delighted

Finch Trail and Martha’s, she’s playin’ her part a supporter of written art

Her enthusiasm you can’t staunch when she gives a book launch

Announced the start, no time to lurk, let Ramona an’ Kirk read their work

Kirk’s story mentioned Germans who, bombed Belfast in World War Two

About an Elephant that did survive, she made her story come alive

Ramona talked about her book and how it came about

And her hopes that it would be brought out

It was an’ we sat and listened feeling the warmth of the sun 

But the weather wasn’t gonna fool

Us cos’ every now an’ then a gust of wind would blow cool

So I was glad that I wore my woolly hat

We sat an’ listened as the afternoon wore on,

Then all came away thinkin’ were glad we’d gone 


14.11.22 – 59) Movin’ day today, somewhere else to stay

When I thought my accommodation was sorted

I checked an’ found I was thwarted

I looked an’ thought “Oh no I’m three days short”

Couldn’t extend my booked stay, so try another way

So a Motel 6 was found where I could be bound

It’s very nicely positioned

I wonder if like certain Motel 6’s I’ll get propositioned 


60) I left my first accommodation with regret

One of the quietest yet

Location suited me, close to where I needed to be

Really grand what was at hand, comfortable bed to lay my head

Use of kitchen too, microwave, fridge, kettle, all in fine fettle

Yes, sad to leave but one thing’s plain

Next year if the price is right, I’ll be stoppin’ again


61) Drove to the AWR ‘neath clouds of grey

Was goin’ to be there for part of the day

Bein’ there, givin’ animals love an’ care

Squirrels’ done, wild mouse came in, was caught an’ taken away

Set free to live another day 

Baby mice an’ porcupine boxwes, got stuck in didn’t take ages

Duck pens an’ then the animals in the outside cages

It begins to rain but they’re soon done

Lastly the possums an’ it’s rainin’ harder as back to Austin I run

Library my first port of call

Copy my poems to disc, stay longer an’ copy ‘em all

Photos posted so folk can have a look

At where I am if they use Facebook

Later out comes the sun an’ things start goin’ alright

But I got a choice to make, what to have for supper tonight


15.11.22 – 62) Supper last night was a real delight

Really fine all you can eat pizza for $7.99

Extra for drinks but no need to feel blue

They got endless refills too

But no time for greed, eat just what you need

An’ feel content, it’s money well spent


63) Weather weren’t to delightin’ this mornin’’, cold wind still bitin’

But before it ended, more animals I tended

Always a delight, treatin’ ‘em right an’ watchin for a bite

Birds, opossums, ringtails an’ I’m done, back to Austin I run

I gave my best now I’m gonna have a rest

Cos’ tonight I’m goin’ out to east, Thom saqys his treat

Me, Thom, Wendy, Geoff an’ Ben an’ I wonder when

Ben’ll say as I end this rhyme, “How many cars is it this time?”


64) Kerbey Lane Café on South Lamar, Fish an’ Chips Texas style

What I did next made everyone smile

From a small bottle I squirted away, my own malt vinegar from the UK

How nice to enjoy time with Wendy, Thom, an’ Ben an’ then

Geoff whom I’d only seen at zoom meetings on a monitor screen

Now there in that eatin’ place we were meetin’ face to face

Yes the evenin’ was a delight wishin’ each other goodnight

An’ I still laughed not thinkin it bad

When Ben did ask, how many cars have you had?


65) Mornin’ and to the AWR I’m away

Stop for Kolache on the way

Was just right, not to hungry after the meal last night

Soon I’m there ask which animals need my care

I’ve just two hours to spare

To the porch I’m lookin’, I say I’ll start there an’ get stuck in

Opossums an’ as usual some snarl as if on the attack As usual I snarl back

Some’ll lie there an enjoy a stroke, but if they bite you it’s no joke

I’ve learnt, comin’ here many a year, keep your fingers clear

An’ some when they look at you, ere eyes seem to say “Thank you”

Soon it’s a done an’ a job done well, time to bid farewell

Cos’ one things plain, tomorrow the road poets on the road again


66) Fuel tank filled with the cheapest fuel around

Then to the Library I’m bound

Daily part of my roam, catch up on the news back home

Download photos so they can be saved to USB

That’s done an’ I’m away, meetin’ a new friend for lunch today

Say’s it’s his treat suggests a meet says where, soon I’m there

We meet chat enjoy lunch an’ more then make a change to my tour

Then I’m away to enjoy the rest of my last day

My new friend was called Chris he suggested coming to Midland with me for the open mic and he would make his own way back, I thought it a great idea so we ran with it.


67)  I read the word hope, and think it’s what we all need

A grain of hope a single seed

For we all know, mighty oaks from acorns grow

From a single seed come many things

Hope for a future better than the past

Hope for a peace that will last

Hope raisin’ heavenward bound

Hope for contentment to be found

Hope flyin’ in the heavens above, hope for all enshrined in LOVE

This poem was conceived and written in the All Faiths Chapel in the Austin State Hospital,  Chris was playing the piano while I composed it.

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