2022 Trev finally gets to Texas: A long time comin': Part 1 The Journey Out

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So called, because at times it seemed like it would never happen. Image: Yorkshire items pictured at Schipol Airport Amsterdam bought for 2020 at last they were going too. The cup is a veteran, the other three were making their Texas debut  





03.11.22 – 1) Alarm sounds, twenty past one, Departure Day has begun

Wash dress, final packing, make sure nothings lacking

Coffee to start the day, taxi arrives, I’m on my way

Arrive earlier than expected, wait for check in, not dejected

But for slight feeling of apprehension and tension

Staff arrive, Check In comes alive, I’m in the queue, soon I’m through

Customs, slight delay, bag taken away

Checked, nothing found wrong, everything’s back on song

Breakfast, then a wait, until called to departure gate

That say’s I need to be at gate 203, so I’m bound and soon it’s found

Sit and wait till opening time and I’ve just composed this tours first rhyme


2) Gate opens we’re called to board, checked luggage being stored

Seats found, hand luggage stored right, get ready for the flight

Five Fifty-five, things come alive

Safety instructions given on the move so we sit tight

Engines on full power, that’s it we’re in flight

Altitude reached, no ears popping, there’s no stopping

Till we reach Amsterdam, then change planes for the land of Uncle Sam


3) Amsterdam ahead, family still in bed

Still in the air, will text when I get there

Cos’ this travelling chap is now using WhatsApp

It suits me cos’ I can text anywhere for free


4) First flight, now daylight, English Channel below

Downwards we go, soon be the end of flight, stage one of my roam

So send progress report to family back homer

I can tell, them so far things have gone well


5) Bit of a wait to get off the plane, soon we’re on the move again

All fine as we depart for Gate 9

Find the gate and get ready for a four hour wait

And pass the time, doing another journal in rhyme


6) Waiting for the opening of Gate F9 another 2 hours and it’ll be fine

No need to worry, there’s no hurry

Not doing anything overtaxing, sitting and relaxing

But in the main, I can’t wait till we’re airborne again


7) It was supposed to be boarding time but our hopes diminished

There came an announcement, “Cleaning not yet finished”

The queue stalled, wait longer to be called

And I’ll finish this rhyme, hoping we get away on time


8) Time abating we’re still waiting

Things could be foreboding, catering services still loading

And I find, boarding is now 20 minutes behind

So there could be a delay before we get away

Cos’ they’ve just told us a gain they still haven’t finished cleaning the plane

It’s still not right for the long flight

But the catering services have just gone

So the question is, “How soon can we get on?”


9) At last boarding has started, not too down hearted

Families first, then the rest, as to get us cleared the staff do their best

On board, seat found, ready to be outward bound

But it’s announced, another delay, not all luggage stowed away

Finally it’s all done, taxiing has begun, to the runway we run

Now we’re there, full power and we’re in the air

Austin over ten hours away, at last The Road poets on his way


10) I’m on the plane thinking al that worry was in vain

Would my back stand the strain?

Would my ear infection clear, that was another fear

Would it be going like a song, then my paperwork be wrong

Looking on the dark side, woe betide

Should things go wrong once more I would be really sore?

The something cheers me up no end  

I look at the information screen and find, we’re only two minutes behind

17:15 it should have been now arrival time is estimated at 17:17


11) Still over seven hours to go, monitor screen says so

I set my watch to Texas time and then, see it’s 23 minutes past 10

S I look at the music albums, there’s Simon and Garfunkel

It’s on and I’m all ears, memories of my teenage years

Stops me feeling blue, good acoustics too  

Sure sound s sweet, hand and feet tapping to the beat

Relax and smile, but in a way wish they’d have had something country style


12) In Austin it’s two-o-clock I’m takin’ stock

Of what a restful flight it’s been

Now watching progress on the monitor screen

Canada below 1604 miles to go

Tried the Wi-Fi on my phone but it’s been a pain

Doesn’t seem to work on the plane

Being trying it most of the way, but it just doesn’t want to play

Can always try again when we land, to text home would be grand

On WhatsApp for free, the wonders of technology  


13) Atop clouds of white we go, the Great Lakes below

On our way over Canada soon be over the USA

Sat nav set to where I want to be and saved to history

When we land it’s there to hand

No time to waste, but with all haste. Follow its instructions to the letter

Get to my accommodation, t sooner the better

Telling me the way at the end of a long day


14) Southwards we go, Dallas below, 26 minutes to go

We’ve made up some time as I look and find, we’re only 10 minutes behind

Now engine sound like it’s slowin’ an’ we’re downward goin’

An’ after I’ve finished this score I’ll be in Austin once more

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