Lest They Forget

A village Remembrance service.

The same old hymns,

and pacifist sentiment.

Sun streams through

the memorial hall window

so that I can hardly see.

And when we come

to those words

and the bugle plays

and tears are wiped away

that same sun

has gone down, disappeared.


Why did we fight? Maybe

just to defend the British

belief in fair play, in sticking

to the rules, no matter

what you felt. No

high-and-mighty concepts,

no base prejudices.

A refusal to let evil prevail.

Lest newspaper proprietors

and politicians forget.

Lest they forget.



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Greg Freeman

Tue 15th Nov 2022 07:55

I've always thought that many Brits' failure to see the benefits of the EU, to appreciate the positive side of unity, was because this country had never been occupied in recent centuries, Steve.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 14th Nov 2022 21:19

Maybe fair play was a part of it, Greg, at least at the beginning. From a Belgian perspective, which John mentions, I have become aware how awful occupation must be. It's something we can probably not imagine. And now we see the same in Ukraine.

Thanks for this thoughtful poem.

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keith jeffries

Mon 14th Nov 2022 17:50

I am always dismayed that when we all say in unison "We shall remember them" we seem to overlook the plight of many ex servicemen who are disabled, out of work, suffering from PTSD and those living rough on the streets of our towns and cities. Let the Government try remembering them also and exercise some compassion to all who have put their lives on the line for this nation. Your poem painted a picture which I remember so well. I never failed to attend such events. Well done
Thank you

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Greg Freeman

Mon 14th Nov 2022 16:42

Thanks for the comments and likes. It was remarkable that as we heard those lines 'at the going down of the sun', I looked, and it had gone. I thanked the young bugler for his playing afterwards. Not sure I think much of the rest of the poem, but 'For The Fallen' is by Laurence Binyon http://www.greatwar.co.uk/poems/laurence-binyon-for-the-fallen.htm

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John Coopey

Mon 14th Nov 2022 16:27

You may have hit it on the head there, Greg; that “fair play” brought Britain into the FWW. “Plucky, little Belgium” and all that.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Mon 14th Nov 2022 10:20

"Lest newspaper proprietors

and politicians forget.

Lest they forget."

They show they've forgotten, the moment they dog-whistle, rabble - rouse and tell blatant lies - which is most of the time.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 14th Nov 2022 10:10

I wish I had your knack of saying so much with so little Greg!
I can hear the hymns and the mumbled singing. Bravo.

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