Permanently Locked Down

Permanently Locked Down


I worked hard all my life

and never took a wife

I paid all my taxes on time

and was seldom ever heard to whine

I served my country in the Army

which I now consider to have been barmy

I was never in trouble with the law

if anything I was something of a bore

My retirement came to free me

but the purse strings now strangle me

I live by hand to mouth to make ends meet

and spend each day on my worn out seat

I have lost all enthusiasm to be alive

the future offers nothing for me to survive

Society has become greedy and unjust

as I settle down to corrode into rust

They spend millions a day on illegal immigrants

but care not a penny for those of us residents

We paid the bills for decades on time

and now can call virtually nothing mine

A holiday is on an impossible horizon

as I have no money left to spend on one

We fight wars and give overseas aid

whilst some of us cannot afford a simple hearing aid

I have ended up at the back of the queue

with others far ahead and better off too

What did I strive for in the past?

only to become ignored at the very last

I sit in my rented dwelling in a frugal condition

as this will become my final situation

A G7 nation we are told

with nuclear weapons to make us bold

but the pot is empty whe it comes to being old

I was once very patriotic

and stood to attention quite robotic

I now slouch in a worn out arm chair

and no longer do I care

◄ It flashed before me.......

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 14th Aug 2022 13:01

Look after yourself, Keith. Your talent shines through, even at this difficult time. Things will get better.

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julie callaghan

Sun 14th Aug 2022 09:26

This makes me so sad. Too many people feeling frightened for the future and feeling exactly the same I’m sure. This poem should be shared to the two candidates to discuss at their otherwise pointless bickering sessions. Take care Keith. A nice walk is always free and without prescription. 🌈

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keith jeffries

Sat 13th Aug 2022 22:33

Thank you for your comment. I am at a low ebb at present but your words provide encouragement and I shall bear them in mind as I pull myself out of this malaise.
Thank you

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Graham Sherwood

Sat 13th Aug 2022 21:47

This makes often true and very sad reading. Money I’m afraid is the current measure of success/achievement but sadly cannot endow class and a sense of humility to the rich. One look at our royals will illustrate that perfectly.
Keith, keep a grip on what is dear to you. You have intellect which money can’t buy. Decency which also isn’t for sale. Focus on what you have!

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