It flashed before me.......

It flashed before me.....


My life flashed before me as I let go of its final moments

There appeared a screen with a celluloid recording of all that had gone before

Visions of cameos darted before my eyes

in a chaotic mixture woven through the annals of my earthly clamour

A time to remember in a myriad sequence of events

A flurry of illustrated times held in sepia, black and white and colour

Faces, places danced before my eyes

I caught glimpses which tugged at my heart strings

Time of intense joy and sorrow

memories unique to my thoughts and feelings

No tears came only a fascinated interest to captivate my soul


A soldier in khaki, his blood stained uniform, the uncle I never knew

but his soul I had prayed for

He stumbled in the rubble of battle, immersed in blue hazey cordite smoke

A sanctuary at Mass with Gregorian Chant reaching the rafters

as did the swirling incense also arise

Holding my Nan's hand as we shopped along the High Street

Christmas morn with toys amidst discarded wrapping paper

On a parade square marching briskly to the band which played

A golden beach under a tropical sun

A graveside of sorrow on a misty morn

Blowing out candles on a birthday cake

Falling in and out of love


My many dogs, so dear and loving

Tears welled up as I saw Bradley and Brogan

my two great danes

Father in his greenhouse surrounded by his precious tomatoes

A holiday in a caravan plagued by wasps

Wearisome days and sleepless nights

Drinking myself into an oblivion

Searching for what could not be found

Repressed anger at any injustice

An ambulance of mutilated enemy corpses

Hoarding books and second shops were my passion


The spool of celluloid gathered momentum

as more images flickered before my eyes

A condensed version of my life to behold

It was over now I thought. Done with. Where to now?


Then I was held by a love so intense.

Release and salvation took hold of me

and propelled my forward beyond the celluloid screen

Into a vista of serene beauty

◄ Starved of Love

Permanently Locked Down ►


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keith jeffries

Fri 12th Aug 2022 19:53

Thank you Martin, John and Stephen G for your kind comments. They are always appreciated and a source of encouragement. Thank you Tom, Stephen A., Holden and Pete for your likes.
It means a great deal to me when people such as yourselves take the time to read my poetry and comment on it.
Thank you again

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Martin Elder

Fri 12th Aug 2022 12:08

Absolutely superb Keith. This is so rich in imagery that positively jumps off the page.
Love it

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John Botterill

Fri 12th Aug 2022 00:01

A life story told with great panache. A very considerable achievement, Keith.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 11th Aug 2022 16:35

Impressive and moving,Keith.

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