A plea to politicians.We need more bobbies on the beat !!!

Fantasy crime figures politicians can give,

As secluded lives behind bodyguards they live.

They never have to travel at night on trains full of drunks,

Or witness their convenience stores being robbed by  skunks !!


We need more bobbies on the beat,

The rising crime figures we must defeat.

Punishments for early career offenders must be more heated,

The public know to well they've been cheated.


An early career in crime to many will fit,

Especially as they learn to get away with it.

Burglars and muggers are rubbing their hands,

As proof of their convictions seldom lands.


A national detective shortage has come to light,

Leaving a post code lottery for victims to fight.

Serious offence convictions disappear in a puff of smoke,

The complicated means of gaining evidence is a joke !!


When an offence is commited ,police officers are normally first on the scene,

And often not the right person to deal with the mean.

Right care by the right person is the best way to act,

A perpetrator with mental  issues needs a health worker to react.


Troubled individuals will be supported in a much more appropriate way,

A red carpet to walk on for a better future delegates will lay.

Right care by the right person puts the person in the right hands,

 To avoid a bad future and sinking into criminality sands.


We definitely need more bobbies on the beat,

The rising crime figures we must defeat.

Joining the police force will be good for you,

Every day is different,new things to do.




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keith jeffries

Fri 12th Aug 2022 20:03

These verses are so appropriate for Police Forces which seem to have lost the reason why they exist. I had always held the belief that the Police were there for the prevention and detection of crime. They have become political pawns. They now seem side tracked by all and sundry.
A good poem. Thanks

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