Eat or Heat !!!

Fuel poverty is going to hit many of us, 

Many pensioners will have to keep warm on the bus.

Rising bills will undoubtedly affect us old,

Earlier deaths for us elderly more susceptable to the cold.


Rising energy bills are expected to make us frown,

How can we save money and bring our bills down ?

Turning  the thermostat down one degree or two will become the norm,

Reduce the time the dishwasher and washing machine have to perform.


Switch off the lights when leaving a room.

Avoiding big bills and depressive gloom.

Only one bath or shower a week,will lead to a smell,

But will bring down the cost of our bills  from hell.


Sadness to many rising gas prices brings,

Leaving us less to spend on other things.

Many of us will have to choose between eating and heating,

As rising prices give our finances a beating !!!





◄ A slip up by a primary school teacher asking questions.

A plea to politicians.We need more bobbies on the beat !!! ►


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keith jeffries

Mon 8th Aug 2022 18:12

A topical lament of sad truth. This can be overcome by buying a one way ticket to Calais and taking a dinghy for the return trip. On arrival claim to be Albanian or whoever and you will never have to worry about being cold again. The immense generosity of the British taxpayer will accommodate you in a good hotel where it is warm, with three meals a day and £40 quid a week for spending money. As you languish in such comfort you will receive medical, dental and optical treatment free of any charge. If you decide to integrate then it might be worth considering befriending a native and inviting him or her into your warmth for a meal and a few hours out of the cold.
Thank you for this.

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