A caterpillar rescued by a loving little girl

A little girl  out for a walk,

Happily with her relative did talk.

Suddenly  bent down on bended knee,

And picked up a caterpillar running free.


Showed me the caterpillar running up her hand,

"Don't want to see a passing foot on it land !!

Don't want to see it squashed never to fly !!

I'll place it in the undergrowth, to be a butterfly."

◄ A plea to politicians.We need more bobbies on the beat !!!

Got the sack by my boss Mike for checking a customer's balance !!! ►


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jennifer Malden

Sun 14th Aug 2022 13:48

Delightful! Hope there are more like her. Noticed it was a little girl!


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keith jeffries

Sun 14th Aug 2022 13:22

A child's magic. Great poem.

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