With love

I'm sending you the words that heal 

Like an ointment it soothes every pain

Nourishing the heart to the very core 

Words of healing sent in kind envelope 


I'm sending you the water of love 

To Pour upon your dried soul 

Gently and carefully I mix it continuously 

Till your thirsty self becomes strong as before 


I'm sending you potions of prayers 

May miracles of God find you everywhere 

Nothing of hurt, pain or despair may ever be there 

Only love, happiness and joy forevermore  


I'm sending you food for thought 

Kindly take it as much as you want 

Don't overdo the food I send 

It may cause your heart to burn 


I'm sending you laughter and giggles 

Like previously I used to send these as little gifts 

To find you in mirth and merriment 

With your family and priceless friends 


I'm sending you hope and trust 

A bouquet of lovely sweet smelling flowers 

Keep them on your study table and read them well 

Each petal, leaf and stalk is loaded with my warm golden wishes



◄ Optimism

Freedom ►


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Sun 14th Aug 2022 07:15

For you Nigel and for everyone on earth😀

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Nigel Astell

Tue 9th Aug 2022 01:56

Laughter wrapped
giggles open up
warm golden wishes
flowers of love.

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