There's beauty in everything we see 

The moon although isn't blemish free

But at night it looks beautifully lovely 


There's use of everything we have 

Even a leaking bucket can prove useful 

If it's used wisely as a planter to grow flowers 


There's always a lesson in every event of our life 

Relationship that turned sour and stale after angry tale 

Still has a story to relate of happiness and loving memories 


There's always the brighter side to every dark state 

lifelong struggles, failures and disappointments that broke us 

Were actually giving us valuable experiences to finally lead us to victory and happiness  


There're always two sides of the coin 

One facing up that we can see and another that's hidden reality

Encourages us to keep going on in life towards beautiful destiny


There's always a new beginning after a terrible end 

That's how life on earth after Noah's flood began 

Inspiring us to keep going on our spiritual strife without losing heart 


There's always a silver Lining in the sky even in darkest night 

When everything tumbles down and breaks in bits and pieces 

We can still collect the strewn pearls and weave it back into an incredible necklace

◄ Love and me

With love ►


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Sun 14th Aug 2022 07:17

Wishes don't cone easy. What comes easy isn't worth wishing for. That's the test of life.

I pray it does Nigel 🌷

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Nigel Astell

Fri 5th Aug 2022 01:05

Dark night sky
bright shooting star
make your wish
silver moonlight smile
means whatever wanted
has come true❤

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