I can breathe liberty and freedom 

And feel it in my deepest core 

My soul dances to it's tune and rhythm 

As I go flying in the sky like a free bird 


I've nothing holding me back anymore 

No lies and no deception 

Everything is crystal clear 

And I can see my way through them 


There's more in life than meets the eye 

Everyone is happy and placed in happy shells 

As for me I'm feeling the freshness of freedom 

And that's more than enough for me 


I've conquered every battle with the demons 

They have left me for a better person 

In their deepest deep they can can only see 

Their new found beauty in their new found lover 


I've escaped from the hold of monster and bluffer

I can build my own home with God sent lover 

There's more in life than tears and sorrows 

For I've woken up in a beautiful tomorrow 


I've dreams to fulfill 

That's ingrained within me 

A perfect partner sent by God almighty 

And we will together weave few more dreams 


There's plenty of time I have for me 

I ain't the victim nor the culprit of agony 

I'm a child divine with life to live differently 

Not fitting in but standing out from crowd around me 


I've a lovely future calling upon me

Amazing people to meet daily 

Healing the world and the souls 

With divine words that consoles 


I'm heading straight into my lively destiny 

My past has moulded me Into a newer me 

I'm happy to see and feel this newer version 

As I embark upon my life's new journey 


There's no caller calling me 

I've none to meet nor respond to anybody 

To each their joy, to me I have mine 

As I live my life contended and satisfied 


I'm free to live as and where I want 

To do whatever I wish to do in life 

To go where my wishes and destiny takes me 

For sure in my heart there's a divine map guiding my path 


Freedom to live and love 

Freedom to pray in peace 

Freedom from my past 

Freedom from all that was holding me unnecessarily 


◄ With love

Gratitude in attitude ►


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Sun 14th Aug 2022 07:15

Home is a place of safe refuge. If not, then it isn't home.
Thanks Nigel.🌷

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Nigel Astell

Wed 10th Aug 2022 01:40

I liked the idea of being happy and placed in happy shells❤

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