The 2 Sides of Grief

I see 2 sides to grief in many a case.
The public face and the private face.
A face that shows you're 'over it' side.
And the opposite you hide.
A side that shows you laugh and joke.
Another that shows a heart still broke.
An enjoyable day, followed up by guilt.
Tears of joy, but followed by tears spilt.
2 sides of grief, one for public display.
And the 'not over it' one, I've hid today.
A 'show' of normality...but all too brief.
In private I suffer the other side of grief.
To accept the 'new normal' I have tried.
But I just can't get over that other side.


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julie callaghan

Fri 5th Aug 2022 22:54

I think your write will ring true with so many. Sending virtual hugs.

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