What's The Answer?

Do you ever have days like this too?
When memories alone, just won't do.
When all the photos don't do the trick.
A day, too many boxes are left to tick.
Do you get those days, head in a spin.
When well meant words, don't sink in.
Just when you feel you are moving on.
You wake one day, back to square one.
A day when so many prayers you send.
The kind of day, you just want to end.
So what's the answer to days like this?
When you can't get over those you miss.
Just hope the memories will get you by.
Or just lock yourself away and silently cry.


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<Deleted User> (33719)

Tue 9th Aug 2022 23:35

Poignantly expressed Mike. There's no easy answer. Grief is a journey all of its' own.😞

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