School started yesterday

School started yesterday another year to watch
children entering the schoolyard on a journey
to new worlds, new friends, new knowledge,
on the path to the future to adulthood.

Blessings to the children whatever their progress,
talents, acquired skills.

The age-old progress from infancy to adulthood
is poignant with memories of the road followed
I remember bad events easily, etched deeply
recalled often. Those times influence how I think
and act now in my old age though I bet
what I learned outside the classroom sticks
in memory more

What I learned on the playground, exploring this town
and valley, what I saw at home, how my mother
and father proceeded through their days.

I picked up pieces of knowledge where they lay,
floated in the air. I am the person today
because of these pieces gathered
and fitted together in my interpretation.

In my youth I could always return each evening
to a sheltering home.

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Fri 30th Sep 2022 09:53

"Blessings to the children whatever their progress, talents, aquired skills"

I would like to echo this sentiment.

Lovely poem K.Lynn. so gentle and thoughtful.

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John Botterill

Fri 30th Sep 2022 08:17

I love the reflective qualities within this piece, K. Lynn, and you are correct in all respects, 😀

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 20th Aug 2022 13:21

I worry so much for the future of our little grand child with all that's going on in the world-yet we must have courage and inspire them with hope.

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