'Incensed' Julian Jordon's video riposte to Dorries and Johnson

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Write Out Loud’s founder Julian Jordon has issued a video riposte to culture secretary Nadine Dorries’ recent TikTok foray into rap. Julian’s film, titled ‘Avoiding The Rap (with no apologies to Nadine Dorries)’ and which is available on TouTube, begins:


“This government’s passing some new legislation

To distract from Johnson’s shoddy situation.

As the country is not fooled by his hollow sorries,

To avoid the rap they’ve deployed Ms Dorries


to bluff and to bluster with her dodgy rhymes

in the hope we’ll forget her boss’s crimes.

Meanwhile the head shyster, to follow that ode,

spends his time on changing the ministerial code


so misleading Parliament won’t require resignation,

at least not for Boris, though the rest of the nation

must obey his laws, or find they will pay.

Not do as I do, but do as I say.”


Julian himself faced the challenges of delayed surgery and isolation during lockdown. He goes on:


“As one who adhered to the rules that he broke,

saw him and his cronies treat it all as a joke,

when my urgent surgery kept being postponed,

and without friends around, had to bear it alone.


His colleagues know full well what kind of man

always lies through his teeth, never carries the can.

What they know is corrupt they pretend is astute,

When what they should give him is Churchill’s salute.”


Why did he make this video? Julian reply was simple: “I was incensed.”


You can read the poem here

or watch the video here



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Tim Taylor

Mon 13th Jun 2022 15:15

Good one, Julian! Stick it to 'em!

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Linda Cosgriff

Wed 1st Jun 2022 21:17

Enjoyed this, Julian, though I'm angry like you.

We don't see enough protest poetry these days.

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Julian (Admin)

Wed 1st Jun 2022 17:28

Thank you for your comments. Perhaps it is a little dyspeptic, but I couldn't stop myself!

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John F Keane

Wed 1st Jun 2022 11:44

Some effective and witty use of language in that one.

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Dave Morgan

Wed 1st Jun 2022 09:53

Top stuff Julian. Two fingers to them all.

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 31st May 2022 10:31

It doesn't bear thinking about, M. C.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 30th May 2022 23:47

Maybe if BoJo joins the ranks of the ennobled, he can adopt the
motto "Deceiving is Believing". He has plenty of examples
from the past to turn to.

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