star shaped stickers

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when i see the girls who match my soft body,

when i see them wear the skirts, the tshirts, you know the ones.

well when i see them, i feel as though i must reach through to the other side

of the screen that seperates and give them a star shaped sticker. 

the stickers that, while they got their flowers, we coveted on our walls. 

it's awkwardly awkward trying to explain this to another soft bodied girl, 

without offence setting in.

but i never mean any offense!

our madonna shaped hips, and diveted stomachs are a commodity bought and sold by the pages of magazines. 

the soft shadows that follow as we roam the hidden lovers lanes,

i want to kiss each one, and give them a star shaped sticker. 

because it is so hard to hold yourself in your own arms, and your own mind. 


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