I will wait for the door to open 

All the prayers to become my blessings 


I will wait right here for the right moment

For all that's to happen to finally happen 


I will wait for the sunshine and moonlight 

So darkness may recede giving way to victory 


I will wait for the perfect timing 

The hour when things would all be aligned 


I will wait for that's all I have to do 

Untill his return from Honolulu 


I will wait for it's a promise I'd made 

Keeping vows is a part of being true 


I will wait the divine forces to help 

As it's only then things will in favour move well 


I will wait for road trips and journeys to begin 

Because it's when the tide is high, ship sets sailing 



◄ What's meant to be will chase you till you receive

Victim ain't a convict ►



Tue 17th May 2022 06:15

Thank you Fred.🌷

Thank you Nigel🌷. The coasts almost clear. I'll have to make it alone, with my God by my side always.💕

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Nigel Astell

Thu 12th May 2022 10:25

Your ship will sail
once the coast is clear❤

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Frederick Kesner

Thu 12th May 2022 05:01

Oh yes, the tide has to be in or it all stays put. Thanks for sharing. /Frederick.

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