Victim ain't a convict

IT was all amiss, not by chance but fixed

What did hit, couldn't have been missed

That which didn't, couldn't really hit

It's half destiny and half of it is your effort

What you pray and work for, you achieve

What's silently left to go, will never be retrieved

There're people playing games, are given chances

Some are fair and these are held responsible 

It's all about the power of crowd, the ones with strong backing

Can't be dealt with rudely, they are a force unvincible 

Loners are victims and are convicted of crimes not done

Being alone is their only weakness so everyone subdued

In the end It's all about ones own deeds, actions and intentions

For God sees it all and hears everything pretty well

The Loners are backed by God and divine forces

So none can do any harm to them

The mighty Goliath had a great fall, with a tiny pebble he was pelt

In divine realm, opposite is true in applying force

Ones who are true in heart, in the end wins it all

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Tue 17th May 2022 06:13

Wise words Nigel. Indeed it will be.🌷

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Nigel Astell

Sat 14th May 2022 01:13

The power of faith
takes no heed
those following the crowd
when finding out
it will be far too late
who really stands alone.

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