Knock, Knock!

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Knock, knock
Can you hear me?
Please let me in
I'll save you from God
And convert you to sin


I won't abandon 
Or show you no care
I'll give you free horns
So you know that I'm there!


I'll speak in wry tongues
Only you understand
And tattoo your soul 
With my 666 brand!


I'll make you new shoes
(On the hoof, as it were)
You'll be able to trot
Through my pit of despair!


You can have a good browse
Pick meat off the bone
And, of course,  you can find
The latest iPhone! 


All my best information 
Is free and unbound!
You'll be able to read
Where your body is found!


So, come on! Knock, knock!
Open the door 
You can do a few jobs
Before becoming my whore! 


You can even achieve 
Such grandiose tasks
Like my little bitch Putin!
Who murders, then Laughs!


Such a beautiful cherub!
Head bloated with sin
Just ripe for the popping
With the smallest of pins! 


So, come on! Knock, knock!
Please let me in
I'll save you from God
And convert you to sin 👹


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John Coopey

Thu 28th Apr 2022 10:12

I didn’t see that coming, Stephen. Nice touch.

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John Botterill

Wed 27th Apr 2022 20:05

Absolutely stunning, Stephen. A rare treat. Manages to be funny and menacing!

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 27th Apr 2022 19:05

Thank you very much Rudyard, Stephen & Julie. And I really would like to pop his git fat heed with a pin (other instruments available 😉) Hitler would be proud.
And thanks for the likes!🌷

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julie callaghan

Wed 27th Apr 2022 08:11

Brilliant…. As always

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 26th Apr 2022 21:27

Poem of the week, at least. Brilliant, biting stuff, Stephen.

<Deleted User> (27399)

Tue 26th Apr 2022 21:11

Now you are talking, nice one.

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