I was watching that film with Kevin Costner the other night, “Dances with Wolves” when it occurred to me that Indian monikers (Red Indian, that is, not Asian Indian) hang on youthful vitality – “Runs with the Wind”, “Slayer of Bears”, “Popper of Pills” etc.

(As an aberrant departure from this train of thought I am perplexed by the dumping of “Red Indian” into the trash can marked “Political Correctness” in favour of “Native American”.  Does the Fascist Society of Woke Linguists not realise that America was named for Amerigo Vespucci, Florentine explorer, navigator and colonialist?).

But getting back on track, would the incumbent of the name retain it for the rest of their life, I wonder, or are they regularly updated?  Am I still permitted to call myself “Drinks Like a Viking” even though a half of Heineken Zero lasts me all night, rather than something more appropriate to my dotage such as “Dribbles his Piss”?




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John Coopey

Thu 21st Apr 2022 08:27

You might well be right, K. It would certainly give anthropological provenance to Our Gert (or “Farts in her Sleep” as she is known”).
And thanks for the Like, Stephen A.

K. Lynn

Thu 21st Apr 2022 04:19

I like Indigenes, which Louise Erdrich uses in her novel, The Sentence.

But didn't some ancient Americans double back to Eurasia and mix with the Proto-IndoEuropeans? The PIE supposedly had more DNA in common with the Americans than with the Farmers in Europe. Out of America as well as Out of Africa ...

The poet Adrian C. Louis hated the name 'Native American' and called himself a half breed because of his mixed heritage ...

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John Coopey

Wed 20th Apr 2022 18:33

Many thanks for your thoughts Graham, MC and Bethany.
“First Nation” you say, Graham? This is even more contrived than “Native American”. I am no expert on early “American” history but I’d be extremely sceptical that the Mohicans of the North East would have any sense of nationhood with the Apache of the South West, or the Crow of the Mid-West with the Cherokee of the South-East; or pretty much any tribe with any other!
And I would be flattered beyond belief, Bethany, to be called “ Him Tickles Girls’ Fancies” (or even “Tickled”), although that might attract the attention of Operation Yewtree!

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 20th Apr 2022 17:03

JC I rather think you might be named
‘Plays without Silver’ just a thought!

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Bethany Sallis

Wed 20th Apr 2022 16:29

John can I suggest remembering my mums overused saying

him tickle girls fancy

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 20th Apr 2022 16:06

The generic term "First Nation" seems illogical, not least because
tribal identities were so varied and were frequently in conflict
with each other. Who then was first among the so-called nation
across that vast continent? Get in line and put your case! 😉

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 20th Apr 2022 15:59

Well well JC I thought you were more woke than that. You really need to keep up. The correct term for those you call native Americans is now people of the ‘First Nation’.

Always happy to moderate 😉

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 20th Apr 2022 15:54

Another entertaining and informative post from a source that
offers these - plus the occasionally contentious variety - with
pleasing frequency. This topic reminds me of a builders'
van I saw nearby that proclaimed: "You've known the cowboys -
now try the Indians." Wit transcends many aspects of life.
MC (AKA: Sighs Over Size) 😊

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