And I Never Knew Her Name

She bit into the green apple with perfect white teeth.

Is her hair really that shade of red? I suspend disbelief.

Smartly dressed she stands, all the world her stage.

Happily serving anyone coffee she earns her wage.

She sees all life going on, smilingly serving drinks all day.

She must have heard it all, chatted up in every possible way.

Managing to look like the coffees she sells really matter.

As the mall cleaning woman stops by for a friendly natter.

Caught off guard, just this once, stepping away from duty.

Eating her apple, leant against a pillar, flame haired beauty.

#humour #story-telling

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Wed 12th Jan 2022 16:12

Thanks for the comments 😃

A few year ago every time I passed her coffee shop in the mall (the famous one that didn't enjoy paying tax) I would see her. Then one day both her coffee shop and had gone. I am spoken for now 😃

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 12th Jan 2022 15:06

A teasing vignette of life. "Chance Encounter" meets "Brief Encounter"?? 😏

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julie callaghan

Wed 12th Jan 2022 12:28

Drop this poem in the comment box at the coffee shop. Watch this space. 😁

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John Coopey

Wed 12th Jan 2022 08:27

Tell her, Dean.

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