We must do something NOW to stop knife crimes multiplying !!

Teen murders in London hits a record of thirty killings last year !

Knife crime is accepted by some  as part and parcel of growing up, I fear.

Wielding a knife in cities has reached a new high,

A decline in stop and search is probably why.

A growing confidence amongst carriers that they won't be detected,

And a belief, in a toxic environment ,in carrying a knife they will be protected.


There is a greater chance of being knifed the poorer you are,

A symptom of the toxic environment created leaving a serious scar.

A knife crime can be committed by a broken child in need of fixing,

Fearful and provoked to carry a knife in unknown terrotories when mixing.


Doctors say the injuries they are treating are more severe,

And the victims were getting much younger every year.

Society feels impotent and fearful of controlling our teens,

More positive activities we need to instil in their genes.

On a bus full of  mixed ages today a teen from an e cigarette blew smoke in the air,

So confident was he,to reprimand him, fearing the consequences,no-one did dare.


Boys will go on dying,mothers will go on crying,

We must do something NOW to stop knife crimes multiplying !!


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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 5th Jan 2022 18:16

Well said, Hugh! (& a damn fine poem)

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julie callaghan

Wed 5th Jan 2022 16:32

Well said Hugh. I was amazed this week by the news of children needing chaperones to and from school. The way it seems to be accepted as a “normal” way of life for some terrifies me!

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 5th Jan 2022 15:22

The way to knock this down of course is
Accepting what the knife-crime source is;
Birds of a feather perform together
But political action depends on whether
They seek to please a vocal sonority
Or protect the outraged ignored majority.
.(P.S. To adapt an old saying: If you want to know the crime, ask a policeman!)

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Wed 5th Jan 2022 05:39

Two fatal teen stabbings in London this week within half an hour of each other ,both incidents unconnected.

No family should have to go through losing a teen in this way,
Two fatal teen stabbings within half an hour in one day.
Police were called to one incident before an ambulance arrived,
Sadly the wound was so severe ,the victim has not survived.
Half an hour later destined the end of another teen,
A sixteen year old suffering a serious stab died at the scene.

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kJ Walker

Tue 4th Jan 2022 09:06

Knife crime is at an all time high. It's time that parents started taking responsibility for the actions of their children.
This poem makes some good points.

Cheers Kevin

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