The rebellion of a 14 year old against wearing a mask in school

"I am 14 years old and have a mind of my own,

I am rebelling against state control and sailing into the unknown.

Masks aren't going to prevent transmission in a school room

Constantly fiddled with,removed,reused,enticing gloom.


They obstruct communication and restrict learning,

To ban them altoegether I am fervently yearning.

Thank goodness as a 14 year old I have a mind of my own,

And thankfully the courage of my convictions has constantly grown.


Our elders are not necessarily our betters,

We the young are the future trend setters.

Enforcements by you teachers in your mask enforcement bids, 

You'll have a real fight on your hands when you face up to us kids !!


I am a 14 year old rebelling agaist a massive machine,

To be deprived of a proper education is really mean.

We kids have more backbone than labour in opposition on the front bench,

Rebelling to preserve our future which those who govern do wrench.


Learning cannot properly take place,

If my teachers and I cannot sit face to face.

A foundation of a National Union of Teens we must set up,

To firmly abort masking  and raise the no mask wearing cup.


Hopefully our desires rebelling together will be unfurled,

Improving our chances in life,reduced by the snowflakes of the world.

The tyrants in our government for two years have been tough,

As to wearing masks in schools,enough is enough !!


Hey teachers unions leave us kids alone,

We are the future of this country please change your tone !! "


"Sadly my protest didn't end there ,

Caught covid and with  grandad  I did share.

Forgive me Lord here me say,

My grandad sadly passed away!!

We teens when in schools,

Wear a mask ,obey the rules !!!"












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My little dog always seems to have the last word ►


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Sat 8th Jan 2022 14:03

This was written through the eyes of an irresponsible teenager.Using the bus I notice their attitude in not wearing a mask ,they think they are superior to us adults and delight in rebellion.The conclusion was put there to emphasise the error of their ways.

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Adam Whitworth

Sat 8th Jan 2022 11:39

Not taking Covid seriously risks the lives of those in your neighbourhood, particularly your nearest and dearest.
A lot of inconvenience has had to be endured to get through this and it's not quite over yet.

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Greg Freeman

Fri 7th Jan 2022 16:30

Ok ... but if your teachers catch Covid from unmasked you, how's that going to help anyone?

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