Do We Loose Attraction From The One We Love?

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Yesterday I was looking at my flaws in mirror.

I realised.

At times, I don't feel like talking to the person I say I love.

At times, I won't wish to spend time with him.

At times, I won't wish to look at his sparkling eyes.

I felt, I lost attraction.

I felt, maybe it was one another crush to which I gave the name of love.

Then I noticed that there are times when we won't like ourselves too.

When we admire others and lose ourselves but, that doesn't means, we won't love ourselves.


So, maybe we won't lose love for the one we actually love.

It's just like another bad day.

A day when we admire a new face and find flaws in old one but love doesn't change i.e. in the end of the day we love whom we actually love.


So give yourself time to understand whether you love or just end up crushing.

-Advaita singh

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