Through The Pen I Grieve


through the pen i grieve 

poetically it goes unseen

the prophecy foreseen

I’m trying man. I’m trying so hard man

life can be good. but it can really get stressful

I’m lonely here man

i didn’t really see this for myself growing up

little did i know

i would one day reap the karma that i sow

little did i know that in my most vulnerable states, the realizations would come 

crushed soul. 

Just hoping life will get better 

i feel like a weirdo here 

an anomaly in despair 

i rather be alone anyways. its good for my spirit

slowly i think I’m starting to accept who i am maybe

like my imperfections.

its kind of hard to get over my imperfections 

like one of them is never thinking I’m good enough

i don’t really believe in myself all too much

i hate a lot about me 

i hate that i didn’t focus more 

thoughts of betrayal lurk in the confinements of my mind 

envy of former peers

excelling in ways that I’ve always dreamed

it hurts to be me 

blinded from truth 

reality is i hate myself sometimes

im falling in and out of depression


i don’t want love. it scares me 

i don’t even really know myself, so how could i love myself?

everyday is a battle 

no real peace

the stress is sometimes too much to bare 

alcohol. drugs. sex

when i was a kid i never thought i would do drugs

these days i justify it with a shrug

somehow it brings me to love 

showing me how my sober mind is so out of touch 

i just breathe 

close my eyes and try to conceive 

searching for an answer to why my spirit faces this level of pain

my heart beats in vain

poetically I’m entering a new lane 

accepting the shame 

fostering so much blame 

sitting with myself slowly falling insane 

entering new realms of the brain 

traveling through spaces beyond the mundane


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