WIN ter

Leafless fingers reach to space

Winter now has come apace,

Suspended nature underfoot

Frozen soul, frozen brook


Hooting owl in the dark

Foxes bark to make their mark

Mr mouse beneath the leaves

Escapes the claw and scuttles free


Strange crispness ,brittle breath

Cools the lungs like breathing death

Clean clear air, that stings the throat

Exhaling clouds of mist that float


Still clear night , silent hush

Statue still no more rush

Reflected night in iced up pools

Crystal surface, sparkling jewels


Moons pale finger points the way

Urging me to go not stay

Casting  shadows dark and deep

My progress through the valleys deep


No evil do I now fear

The road lights up it’s crystal clear

That dawn will come and pipers call

Will bring the Sun back to us all


28/11/2021 22:10-22:40









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John Botterill

Wed 1st Dec 2021 11:58

I liked the hopeful ending with light returning. Loved it! ?John Botterill

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 30th Nov 2021 17:27

Good one, Pete.

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Pete (edbreathe)

Mon 29th Nov 2021 10:54

Thanks guys, really appreciated, I was looking at the window yesterday and it sort of just came to me .

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keith jeffries

Sun 28th Nov 2021 23:42

Another seasonal poem well rhymed and thoughtfully written.
Thank you for this

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John Coopey

Sun 28th Nov 2021 23:41

I enjoyed the succession of images and constant rhythm, Pete.

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