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It's hard to live without you, brother. 
Between the worlds of death and life 
this fool hangs around.
Misunderstanding is in my soul
smouldering, a fire with damp leaves.
My heart's fierce wounds 
given balm  even cured 
by the knowing of you.
Banished to this
foreign land, you are - 
wandering through death. 
Aye,  you were our mother's 
favourite son, 
she knew your time would come 
early:loved, wretched, 
tested, loved again!
Know this, brother 
I'm so glad you were loved. 
Frightened in agony
you said:
 "if I was a dog I'd be put down." 
You knew you would die young. 
That was why you sent your girl 
away, to live.  
Ah, tomorrow as we cross 
the quiet white river of time 
you can tell me what to do. 
Mother, you gave birth to him 
with a heart, so heroic, 
so full of heart. 
Mother, sometimes  
I rage over my father's hearth: 
where I grew up; 
birth is luck,
everything drifts into the past,
where we shall meet again.



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M.C. Newberry

Mon 29th Nov 2021 16:20

Oh Brother. Sometimes difficult to live with; but harder to live without. ?

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John Marks

Mon 29th Nov 2021 11:33

Thank you Holden and Tom.

Holden Moncrieff

Sun 28th Nov 2021 22:22

This is truly beautiful and moving, John! ?

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John Marks

Sun 28th Nov 2021 21:27

Thank you Stephens-all!

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 28th Nov 2021 16:29

A warm & wonderful eulogy, John

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John Marks

Sun 28th Nov 2021 14:43

Thank you Keith. His name is Peter.

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keith jeffries

Sun 28th Nov 2021 08:58

A eulogy profound and heartfelt.
Thank you for this John

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