You’ve heard of policemen out walking their beat,

while wearing those shiny black boots on their feet,

a slow measured march as they come down your street,

but now what if that beat was a tango?


They’d shimmy and slide to a rhythm so hip,

while lookin’ so cool the kids wouldn’t give lip;

watch out for the sergeant and give him the slip,

because he’d want to switch to fandango.


The neighbourhood hoodlums in bovver-boot shoes

come round every week to pass on the bad news,

and make you an offer that you can’t refuse

‘cause the boss man is channelling Brando.


If you’ve got the chutzpah, decide not to pay,

I’m sorry to say they won’t just go away,

because if you’re late they’ll be round the next day

to break both your legs with a Kango.


The coppers are useless, say their hands are tied,

there’s nowt they can do until somebody’s died,

and not even then ‘cause they’re all alibied

in a place where the rest of the gang go.


The gang leader hangs with the rest of his crew,

till the squad comes around and they’re all dressed in blue,

‘cause somebody squealed so that all he could do

is to scarper and hide in Durango.

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John Coopey

Sun 29th Aug 2021 23:45

But crime doesn't pay as we are all taught
So one of these days those hoods will get caught
Their ill gotten gains amounting to nought
For justice is sweet as a mango.

Nice work, Trevor.

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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 28th Aug 2021 16:47

A great rhythmic write- o

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 28th Aug 2021 15:32

Having known my share of beats back in the day, I like the
image of dancing a few steps along the way, indeed there were
times on night duty when a deserted dockland street extended
that irresistible invitation! But with seven and a quarter hours
of foot patrol (8 hours minus 45minutes for refreshments) to
complete on each shift, a man had to pace himself back then!
There were times when I had the whole of the Isle of Dogs to
myself on a 10pm-6am tour of duty and covered quite a few
miles in the process - in between occasionally popping over
to Greenwich via the foot tunnel for a look at the Cutty Sark
and Sir Francis Chichester's Gypsy Moth yacht in their dry docks near the naval college. You might say I led my supervising officers "a merry dance". 😉

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Leon Kamm

Sat 28th Aug 2021 10:31

I bet that was hard work coming up with 4th line rhymes.

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