The Day The Seeds Fell


The blue sky yawned

And out they came

As the mortal hoard 

Looked for blame


It's us! It's them!

It's God's fair hand

His silence broken

To make a stand!


Some cowered. Some ran

Some stood in awe

As tears of seeds

Filled Earth's floor


For exactly 6 hours

The seeds were sown

For the 7th

Time stood alone


Leaves stopped in flutter

Trees stopped in sway

And humanity stuttered 

As words lost their way


A small finger & thumb

Placed one upon tongue

The innocent curiosity

Only found in the young


And it satiated hunger

For savoury, and sweet

And whispered of health

To her heart's every beat


And as time drove on

They found of its uses

Hydration, clean fuels

There were no more excuses


But, some of great mind

With great belly's of greed

Chose to stockpile the last

Of the life-giving seed


Corporations of profit

And expedient lands

From ivory towers

Saw no blood on their hands


But, below, the world raged

Into famine, and war

As mankind revealed

They could learn never more


And temperatures rose

And glaciers fell

And islands were lost

To the oceans great swell


But the seeds had become

Part of sinew and bone

Part of water and soil

Part of our earthly home…




On a quiet, still, day

Under pale skies of blue

Reservoirs & lakes

Turned to black viscous stew


From crack & from crevice

Green shoots quickly sprung

And vines twisted snake-like

Around concrete they clung


The child, now a woman

Who'd placed seed upon tongue

Was the beginning of the end

For Humanity's brief run


As she looked from her garden

To purvey such a sight

She knew that the end

Of all days was in sight...


As her head slowly turned

To gaze at her Son

The evolution within

Had already begun

With every small step

Her legs flaked to wood

Her veins became vines

And sap replaced blood

Her face split & opened

Yawning out spores

Drifting up to the clouds

Awaiting new lores

Her Son could do nothing

But scream at the world

As Mankind's apocalypse

Slowly unfurled


Later, the sun 

Lit tinder-crisp bark

On things once of flesh

Now blackened and dark

The wind came with fury

And blew with all might

And a bushfire of souls

Flickered sparks in the night

And it raged until 

There was no lasting trace

Of a species once known 


As The Human Race


When the only sound heard

Was the wind's haunting moan

That sang to the embers 

And danced on its own

The spore-woven clouds

In skies of dark red

Cried tears of Genesis

Upon the ash of the dead



Stephen W Atkinson 2021



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Profile image

Stephen Atkinson

Sat 21st Aug 2021 14:01

Thank you Julie! I appreciate & am flattered by your comment! And today could certainly do with brightening, ? Thanks again ?
And, John, you may be right, there's not a lot of happy news around the world today is there!

Profile image

julie callaghan

Sat 21st Aug 2021 08:57

Always brightens my day when I see you have posted a write as I know I am in for a treat, brilliant once again Stephen. Thank you.

Profile image

John Coopey

Sat 21st Aug 2021 08:20

It’s here already, Stephen.

Profile image

Stephen Atkinson

Fri 20th Aug 2021 22:23

Thanks for the Like & comment Stephen. Appreciated.
And for the Like Holden ?

Profile image

Stephen Gospage

Fri 20th Aug 2021 17:14

A fine, thought-provoking poem, Stephen.

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