Two Fools and Me.

You brought back to life the passion inside me
That burning desire to live 
That wild streak 
My heart was meant to beat 
Life is best when it's happening outside four walls 
I haven't been myself in so long
Drained of all hope and then you found me   
Now here we are 
You drive a little faster  
Music bounces through the speakers 
I stretch out in the backseat
Feeling at home
We've been lost for quite some time
Each on our own little journey 
Our hearts are too young to fade 
So we dream in color 
Wondering what forever could look like 
Between the three of us
I'm not ready to return back to the real world
I'd rather stay here with my head against the window 
Listening to the inappropriate humor going on in front
The corners of my mouth turn up 
I almost forgot what my own laugh sounded like
You take a wrong turn 
I'm not worried though 
The company we share is never wasted  
You want nothing other than my time 
Just satisfied with my existence 
I consider myself lucky since I've gained the two of you. 

---Written for C.J.W and A.E 


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Rasa Kabaila

Sat 26th Jun 2021 09:16

This is a gorgeous poem Jordyn. You really set the scene of friendship, adventure, having fun and being in the moment. It made me feel reminiscent of road trips with my friends too. P.S- I can't help but comment on how beautiful you are! That picture of you and your guitar is so lovely.

Keep writing.

Best wishes,

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 27th Mar 2021 17:27

Yes, it's great.

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Aparna U

Thu 25th Mar 2021 04:43

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