Passion has came back

I already had accepted my life,

My boring life,

My life without emotion,

My life without passion.

Passion had left behind,

in my younger days.

How long a person could live that way,

Looking the life pass through a window.

Like a person who cannot afford an expensive artwork

But looks it with absolute fascination,

while tells the insistent seller, “Just browsing".


I liked you, 

even before I will meet you,

You introduced in my dreams

Without figure, smells, and smile

Just a name and

What people talked about you,

Just an archetype

A perfect archetype.


But something happens, in my plane life.

I met you during an evening of June,

I felt something when you looked me,

When you smiled me,

Was it real? or it was my mind playing with me,

Maybe it was my writer imagination or

too much time looking the window.

Perhaps you only wanted be kind with me

Or maybe Did I wake up something in you?


I do not have found out what happen that evening,

I have only certain:  You entered in my dreams

this time with a body, a smell, a voice, and a smile.

Just the time will tell me the true,

Meanwhile, I will enjoy my dreams

lied In my bed,

far away of my window.

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