Something's Creeping...

Something comes creeping

Through the dark night

I look from my window

But it's just out of sight!


Something comes knocking

Knocking at my door

I slowly turn the handle

But, it's there no more!


Something comes crawling

Crawling so slow

Shall I turn to look?

I no longer know!


Something is breathing

Under my bed!

I dare not look

'case it looks dead!


Something is touching

Touching my hair!

I'm turning to look

'cos I know it's not ther...👹



Scary mary

◄ Little Dickie's Poo-Pot

Evelyn! ►


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Stephen Gospage

Mon 8th Mar 2021 15:28

Yes, Stephen A, flesh is unfortunately very versatile!

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 7th Mar 2021 19:02

Thanks Stephen G!
'What else does flesh do?' well mine tends to wobble quite a bit at the moment ☺️

Something wobbles
Wobbles the flesh
Food is its king
Whether rotten, or fresh!

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 7th Mar 2021 16:43

Fine,effective poem. Makes the flesh creep (p.s. what else does flesh do?).

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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 6th Mar 2021 18:31

Thanks for the comments Nigel,
A.G. it only knibbled on the fat I've put on since lockdown, so, not too bad.☺️
Thank you Aviva🌈
And Jennifer, I only know simple language 😆
(&,'s the mushrooms, as per my earlier poem, Strange Old Day 😉 say nothing)

And thanks for all the Likes everyone! 🌈🌷

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jennifer Malden

Sat 6th Mar 2021 17:25

Decidedly spooky! Very cleverly writtten in simple language with 'creeping, crawling, breathing, touching' used very effectively. (Between you and me, perhaps the stuff you're being sold isn't best Afghan?)

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Sat 6th Mar 2021 00:43

Spooky and Amusing at the same time.

A Girl

Fri 5th Mar 2021 23:45

Great fun! Especially reading it in the middle of the night...

Ps. Did it eat you?


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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 5th Mar 2021 22:57

Definitely nothing...or was it something... 😲

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Nigel Astell

Fri 5th Mar 2021 20:36

Something or nothing

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