In search of love
Do travellers venture dangerous lands

Their hardships conveyed through the tender hands
Which caress and soothe the hearts of lovers left hurt
Which push and help these lovers out of the dirt
And carry them away from the pull of the sand

Their eyes seemingly sharp and bold
For with this courage have they only found it right
To laugh, to learn, to cherish, to fight
Fight for the ones who do the leave them soon
Their eyes now know those tears - and back they hold

In search of love and lovers alike
Do travellers like us venture dangerous lands

Where we stumble, we hurt, we fall
Yet that never wavers our determination to find what is ours
To keep them close to us with all our powers
And with a mutual help towards each other, we stand tall

Travellers like me and travellers like you
Know better than to mistake a puddle for a pit
For we are the ones who know better, who know its true
That lovers like us don't just wait
Don't just hold back
Don't just sit

So I wait for you, counting the lines on my tender hands
Exploring through the wilderness, keeping up my fight
For in search for love and lovers alike
Do travellers like me venture dangerous lands


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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 25th Jan 2021 20:23

Very insightful and atmospheric poem. The analogy is striking and feels very true. But I wonder whether we realise everything right, we who think that we must court danger if we dare to court at all... maybe there's some less dangerous landscape to find each other, and we just don't know where it is?

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