The Predicament

The Predicament


Lava cascades as skyscrapers raise

Bears in pristine white with claws do cling

Plastic gunge digested into mutant fish

Dictators play games with beautiful lives

News breeds an urgency of panic and doom

Depression reeks its vile smell in every room

Corruption gnaws at the soul of the poor

Factories pour out refined metal into the Ruhr

Africa liberated into captivity does stagnate

Painters paint, musicians compose to see

A world of ugliness beyond any cure

Other gods are found and venerated

Innocent women violently penetrated

Nature's world disfigured by pollution

From evil there comes no protection

Addicts escape the heat of earthly stress

Boozed into persuasion by nothingness

Rats lead the way to kill one another

As mankind readily devours his brother

God is placed in a box and readily forgotten

By the clever scientist who is truly rotten

The heat in the kitchen drives out the cook

The thief peeps in to take a sneaky look

Life is cheap as the plague envelops

The ignorant peer into their hopeless horoscopes

Sheep are led up the hill and down again

Our freedom eslusive as we all cry when

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keith jeffries

Tue 12th Jan 2021 12:47

Thank you Brian, Vautaw, Stephen A., JD., and Aviva for your likes and comments. They are much appreciated. I am sorry that I am responsible for plunging Brian into the depths of depression but outside our comfort zones there exists a stark reality which cannot be ignored. Perhaps, Brian you could write an Ode to Joy.


<Deleted User> (18980)

Sun 10th Jan 2021 22:21

Keith, I live in hope that you will balance out this doom and gloom piece in the next few days with something uplifting. We are all stuck in our homes feeling sorry for ourselves and the last thing we need is a poem telling us how awful our world is. Are you trying to get us to top ourselves???!!!

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