Water Into Wine

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We found you

plastered to a concrete drive,

acute angled, feet drawn,

rapid breathing

beneath a hot baked sun…


You’d landed somewhere hostile,

a dad, ruffled by things that flap,

children unversed in basic care.

And so we scooped you up,

took you to our hearts…


No-one sent a rescue helicopter.

The vet, disinterested in your plight

advised against removing wildlife

from its habitat.

Google informed that human scent

would prevent a mother

returning to its chick.


Dispelling guilt

I advised them that you stood no chance,

the broken leg and wing

fate in itself, sealed


Later, I comfort them

with words,

tell them it is better to die

surrounded by love

than survive

alone, abandoned.


I comfort myself with the observation

of their tenderness, respect for life…

the pipette, the water, the gentle hands…


My 10 yr old had wanted to turn the water into wine

suggested that might just take the pain away

the things children say…


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chris yates

Sun 13th Feb 2011 10:38

love this Isobel I too love the things that children say so innocent and accepting of our explanations on life and yet we at times are more insecure than they are brill xx

<Deleted User> (7073)

Sat 26th Jun 2010 18:22

I am late as per usual, what can I say, another great poem from my lovely talented little sister ;-)Love yer XX
PS Lose the Ostriches head it sucks....Bro XX

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 25th Jun 2010 17:09

This is brilliant, Isobel. I am so glad I know you personally now. You see so deeply, and think so embracingly, and never underestimate the wisdom of children. Your son's comment was simply invoking God as he understood it. It makes a superb title. And this is SERIOUS poetry. Lift up your eyes and clap your hands! You have major talent!

<Deleted User> (7164)

Fri 25th Jun 2010 14:42

I think you have shown great compassion in this Isobel.


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Andy N

Fri 25th Jun 2010 08:09

actually, isobel.. until i read your comment - i didn't realise until the last line it wasn't meant to be that serious a poem.. as it stands however, i really, really like this.. the last stanza is a perfect way of finishing this off..

one of my favourites off yours.. keep em coming defo! x

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Lynn Dye

Thu 24th Jun 2010 20:50

Very moving, Isobel, I just love the things our children say. xx

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Thu 24th Jun 2010 20:29

Thanks for your comments. I know it isn't serious poetry as such - just a little true life/death story. I am sometimes a little overwhelmed by things my kids say - I am very lucky - they have beautiful souls.

There is an amusing footnote to the story. A week later, they dug the damn thing up! So much for resting in peace eh? They were surprised that it was just fluff, beak and a couple of maggots - but surprisingly accepting of the fact. Unlike me who was felt sad - what a difference 30 years makes... xx

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 24th Jun 2010 19:48

Wow Isobel - this is such a moving poem.
Later, I comfort them

with words,

tell them it is better to die

surrounded by love

than survive

alone, abandoned.

is so touching, real and beautiful. xxxx

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Cate Greenlees

Thu 24th Jun 2010 19:45

Beautiful and touching Isobel. Childlike innocence is so precious, and so fleeting.
Cate xx

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Dave Bradley

Thu 24th Jun 2010 19:21

love it, especially the ending. x

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Thu 24th Jun 2010 17:08

Beautiful, heartfelt emotions Isobel...
I love the title and the sentiment behind it - powerful.


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