'Passing' Thoughts.

I've not been on this site for a while so apologies if my 'catch-up' entries appear inconsistent in style and subject-matter.

In witnessing and subsequently processing my Mum’s, passing last year the easiest way that I found, I could cope was to write the following; one message from me to her and another that I imagined (knowing her as I did) that she might have sent to her three children, in reply;

This  provided some comfort at the time and I sincerely hope that it may go a little way in doing the same for anyone who may go through something similar... either now or in the future.   John


‘Passing’ Thoughts


To my Mum:

Thank you for your loving heart.

You gave me breath and, from the start

you nurtured me. You made me strong.

You loved me; taught me right from wrong.


You comforted, whenever needed.

Shared your pride when I succeeded.

Words can never quite convey

the loss I feel, for you, today.


I know that grief’s a selfish act.

There’s no escaping from the fact

that you’ll have gone: no longer ‘be’.

Such pain; such stark ‘Finality’.


Yet, ‘though my grieving must be faced: 

that ‘aching-space’ that you, once graced

 one comfort is, you’ll always be

an everlasting part of me.


To my Children:

I may have left but please don't cry.

Death is not our last ‘goodbye’.

I am still ‘woven’ into you.

I’ll share your joys - and troubles too.


A ‘mother’s love’ lives on, it seems.

For I will visit, in your dreams.

Find comfort, that I’ll never age

when I’m ‘appearing on your stage’.


I’m now at rest. My pain has gone.

Accept, my ‘Earthly-role’ is done.

Be happy, now my spirit’s free.

Escaping ‘physicality’.


So, when a breeze caresses trees

or ruffles fields, remember, please

that we shall never be apart.

I’ll live forever, in your heart.



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John Andrew Nield

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 19:00

Thanks for your kind comments, Gents.
Penning this one was, for me a sort of cathartic way in handling my grief by providing a brief distraction whilst allowing me to try and focus on moving forward through it all.
I posted it on here in case anyone else could possibly gain some comfort from it.

As you may have noticed, most of my other offerings are fun-based and that's where I gain most creative pleasure. ?

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 18:27

Bound to resonate with anyone in a similar situation (like me!) or those who dread it happening. Life goes on in thought and deed.
The duality of this message is a nice touch for a delicate subject.

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Stephen Atkinson

Sun 3rd Jan 2021 16:38

A wonderful, comforting, hopeful piece, John. I'm sure appreciated & understood by far too many.

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