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Dark side Drug Ride

Dark side Drug ride


Natural pain now overrides all illegal chems submitted. I’m now confident with this habit I’ve admitted. 


If writing makes me feel good I should do it, if singing means so much why aim so hard to lose this touch


Lyrics in music become more relatable, you become what you hear. You surrender your soul and let go of established fear.


Where is the finish line? What is the maximum limit. How do you sign up? I’m hungry to commit? I’m eager to quit, allowing my mind to sit. 


But now, this is it. There is no re run. The task has began, the old me must be done. 


It goes on just as they say in movies, it really is true believe... if only we’d got the message then we so needed to receive... 


It seems I must surrender to such fatality.. 


I go away from you and then I think of a line. And how things are so different now each and every time.


My resistance is too high, the need to great too fulfill... leaving me dealing with  damaging overspill.


Done so much I’ve made myself sober, straightness is beaming but without any real meaning.





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