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Big Baby used to twitter all night long

He ranted loud and he blustered strong

He posted through the early hours with his lies

Tables turned and now it’s his turn to cry.

Because he used to bluster but it’s all over now.


I used to read my ipad in the mornings and said
“That fat orange bastard is still off his fucking head”

His red caps could be found in every redneck town

They bought his fuck and fluster when he lied but doubled down.

Those Old Boys loved all his bluster but it’s all over now.


Dismissing the pandemic as across the land it spread

“It’s just a touch of flu but with 200,000 dead”

He’d talk of law and order but would then turn up the heat

By egging on supporters with their guns on city streets.

Those cowboys loved all his bluster but it’s all over now.


He sucked up to Pyong Yang and then to Moscow too

His knowledge of geography showed he had got no clue

The slogan of his tenure was “We’ll make the nation great”

But the States are not United but Divided by his hate.

But his days are numbered cos it’s all over now.




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M.C. Newberry

Sun 15th Nov 2020 15:16

Unfortunately, US politics have a reputation for sinister goings-on
- the list is salutary, and it's all a matter of time and circumstance
perhaps. They even shoot presidents with disturbing frequency.
It doesn't always "come out in the wash" over there.

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John Coopey

Sat 14th Nov 2020 21:31

I think you have to be particularly partisan or paranoid to find "reasonable suspicion", MC, when the Election Infrastructure Government Co-ordinating Council comprised of Homeland Security and US Election Assistance Commission, state officials overseeing the election and representatives of the voting machinery industry all agree that this was "the most secure in American history".
Not "reasonable suspicion" at all but rather a "fishing expedition".

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 14th Nov 2020 15:16

JC - point taken about "evidence". But you might note how the MSM
has avoided any mention of the term "reasonable suspicion", the
basis for investigation and the obtaining of evidence.

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John Coopey

Fri 13th Nov 2020 21:15

Plenty of "talk" of fiddled sums, MC. But as an ex bobby you'll appreciate the role of "evidence".
If it was on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or Billy's Weekly Liar, Stephen, it must be true.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 13th Nov 2020 16:37

Apparently, if he had won this time, the plan was for the inflatable to run again in 2024. This must be true, I read in on twitter, or facegram or something...

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 13th Nov 2020 14:54

Good "Stones" song - but I can't see this president "rolling over"!.
The MSM coverage is the primary source of our vision of Trump -
and that includes its barely disguised resentment of him as an
outsider to the status quo, exacerbated by his own attitude to the
MSM and its methods - with him taking to social media for his
various fusillades.
The political establishment and their media chums
Combined to rubbish Trump
Now there's talk of them "fiddling sums"
Via some night time Demosnatchit paper dump!
(It ain't over till the fat man slings his hook!)


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John Coopey

Thu 12th Nov 2020 18:06

I won money on him winning last time, Paul. I'm not chucking away my betting slip too soon this time.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 12th Nov 2020 18:04

Bet you fourpence he does mate.

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John Coopey

Thu 12th Nov 2020 18:02

Many thanks, Paul and Ghazala. I may be a wee bit presumptuous with this - I think he will carry one kicking for some time yet.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 12th Nov 2020 17:59

Another act of wordsmithnessandsong.


Those g' tar lessons are paying off

Ghazala lari

Thu 12th Nov 2020 17:51

Poor ol' Ducky
Had he imagined this
A year back he was a fucky
Maltreated everyone around
Heard he's been sued by his lady unlucky

Democracy shall reign again💪

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