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There were six men in her life
And they all loved her, but...
Their love was so different.
The first one was very rich.
He loved her because she was beautiful.
He just wanted to have a doll,
To demonstrate her to everyone
And listen to everyones' saying:
"Wow! What a beauty you've got!"
So, she has left him.
The second one loved her because he loved sex
And all the time in bed he repeated:
"Oh,you behave like a whore!
I want you more and more."
She was fed up with him and  has left him too.
The third one wanted her to give birth to 11 boys
As he wanted to make his own football team.
She wouldn't say that she didn't like football or children
But.... 11 boys! She just imagined their noise.
The forth man was a famous sculptor.
She was a muse for him, his Goddess.
He even made a pedestal for her.
But she also had to leave him
As she didn't want to be a secret object.
The fifth one liked the way she cooked.
But he was always hungry, so she understood:
If one day she wouldn't have enough food for him
He would eat her leaving only the bones.
There were six men in her life
And they all loved her but....
Their love was so different.
When the sixth man has come into her life
He proclaimed:"I love you because you are a REAL WOMAN !"
He loved her when she was smiling,
He loved her when she was crying,
He loved her when she was capricious or angry.
But her food was so delicious.
He loved her when she was sometimes foolish
Or sometimes very smart.
He loved her when she was sometimes lazy
And didn't feel like cooking.
He loved her because she was just a woman,
A woman with a womanly soul.
And she had to be understood at any state of her mood
She loved him because he discovered her soul.
She loved him because he was just a man.
When he looked at her or just touched her
Her soul was coming to light.
He had brought her life to delight.
She loved him because he was a REAL MAN.

There were six men in her life, but...
May be there were not six but seven or eight?
Who knows?


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Andy N

Mon 14th Jun 2010 08:21

enjoyed this Larisa.. I take it you don't perform poetry as this would go down really well in the right atomsphere, but it would wear me out reading it! lol

Rachel Bond

Sat 12th Jun 2010 01:38

great poem. i love this kind of story telling.

Thats also a great pic to choose for it.
I have 8 different men kissing my feet and trying to eye up my skirt and make me cook for them..some of them just ignore me and others i turn the tables and pursue like a hound.
But only one just loves me. hes great.
however i will always be single and never defined by a mans attentions no matter how goodx

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Fri 11th Jun 2010 21:53

An interesting parable Larisa - I like the ideas behind it.

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Fri 11th Jun 2010 19:45

I hope everyone who is reading this parable now will understand me. I didn't want to say that she really had 6 or more men. I wanted to show you what true love is. We are all human beings and it's not a surprise that we are all very different. Everyone understands life, love, happiness in his or her own way.

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