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We all know that the world has changed immeasurably since March. Almost as much as it has done since Write Out Loud was formed nearly two decades ago. And one thing that’s been clear for all of us to see has been the impact and durability of poetry. The flurry of online poetry events has ranged from local open mics nights to national award ceremonies. It’s been as heart-warming and inspiring as it has been utterly bizarre. I very much doubt that Caroline Bird ever imagined accepting the Forward prize through a video on selfie mode. But either way, it’s demonstrated what poetry means to people. And more than that, what poetry can achieve in a post-Covid world.

Our own ‘Beyond the Storm’ campaign achieved phenomenal results. Firstly, in attracting 2,300 competition entries from around the world. We didn’t envy the judges’ task at having to whittle those down to the 100 poems which made the final anthology. And secondly, in raising nearly £8,000 for NHS Charities – both through anthology sales and donations.

It’s something that we’ll always be incredibly proud of. And what’s more remarkable is that we achieved this whilst barely having the time to blink.

That said, the Covid-19 crisis also enforced a period of reflection on everybody – us included. We were suddenly in a scenario that could only ever have been hypothetical before 2020. And during this period of reflection, we’ve come to realise that Write Out Loud has two options: adapt or die.

You’ll be relieved to know that we opted for the former. This isn’t a farewell letter. What it is, though, is a request for your continued support. We’re building a new era for Write Out Loud. And as part of the transition, we’ll be growing from a volunteer-led organisation into a fully professional one.

So, next month, we’ll be launching a fundraising campaign to enable us to make this new transition. Our target is £10,000 – which we realise is ambitious – but it’s a sum that would build a formidable foundation.

In the meantime, we’ll be sending out user questionnaires so that you can help us to shape what this new era of Write Out Loud looks like. We’ve accumulated some awesome memories over the last 18 years, and as with everything we do, it’s nothing without the community that supports us.

Either way, as part of this new-look Write Out Loud, we’ll be significantly expanding on what we’re able to offer. A revamped Gig Guide for the digital age is the obvious place to start. But on top of that, we want to provide more digital content in general. A wider range of news stories and reviews, increased video content, podcasts, and a much stronger social media presence.

We also want to increase the number of Write Out Loud events – be that in person or online. And as well as that, we want to expand our educational offering. This will include formal education in schools alongside non-formal education for us grown-ups. Online workshops have been another silver lining in Covid’s cloud, and we don’t see why they should disappear.

Finally, we want Write Out Loud to build on existing links with the global poetry community. Be it multinational poetry events, translation services, or poetry exchange projects. Because poetry is thriving in every corner of the world. And whilst Marsden will always be at the centre of it, we accept no limitations.

I’m writing this article as the new Development Manager of Write Out Loud. I’ve been writing and performing poetry for my entire adult life and have been full-time since 2015. It’s my main driving force and passion. And enabling and promoting others is just as important to me as anything else. So, the opportunity to be part of this new Write Out Loud is something which I’m over the moon about.

At the heart of Write Out Loud is its community ethos. And as much as I love the art form itself, it’s the poetry community that keeps me going every day. So, that’s one thing that’ll never change. But as we acclimatise to “the new normal”, it’s time to embrace the new Write Out Loud.

If you can afford to donate, we’d be hugely grateful. You can do so anonymously if you prefer. And if you can’t afford to donate, we’d be equally grateful if you shared our campaign and spread some love. The more people that come on board with Write Out Loud, the more we’ll be able to give back in return.

Poetry makes the world go round. Let’s do our bit to keep it spinning!





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trevor homer

Sun 6th Dec 2020 15:19

If it helps Nicola, this working class male is with you.

Nicola Beckett

Fri 4th Dec 2020 03:58

I also notice again, yet again in my life I'm the only working class woman to comment.

Nicola Beckett

Fri 4th Dec 2020 03:53

As a founder member, I want this site to remain open for people on benefits, in rehab centres, prisons and hospitals where they might dip into it. I don't want it to become elitist. Benjamin Zephaniah learnt how to write in Prison and he became poet laureate. Maya Angelou wrote when she was a PROSTITUTE and was awarded an honorary degree from Harvard. Have you read the book a colour purple, where she begins the book illiterate? I think and feel this is being dominated by middle class or university educated people and boffins, who are not thinking of making it accessible to the masses. I was one of the eight founders. . Hovis Presley and John Gilroy lived in a council flat and a bedsit and would not either of them have paid for subscriptions. Please reconsider this option. Yes ask for donations, yes fundraise, yes celebrate the rich famous people, but please don't forget the little people across the world or those that have literally nothing where £2 is a bag of sugar or a bottle of milk. From humble beginnings great work is born.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 16:06

Must admit to being a bit mystified. 'Professional' sounds like individuals are going to be paid, but surely £10,000 won't go far?

Anyway, I'm happy to cough up a few quid now and again for something that has been a great benefit to me over the past three years.

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keith jeffries

Mon 16th Nov 2020 11:40


So many of us value WOL and have been members for years. I am not in a position to make a contribution to the new ideas which are envisaged but be assured of my continued support.

A big thank you to all at WOL


Kevin T.S. Tan

Thu 12th Nov 2020 19:49

Thanks to all the volunteers for all you've done for us. I'll do what I can to support Write out Loud

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Wed 11th Nov 2020 19:52

This sounds really exciting. Can’t wait to see what happens and hopefully get involved. ?

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