Culture Cancer


There is a cancer

in our country and our culture

it grows and expands

like a menacing pathogen


the ever-present Social media

is as lethal as cancer

there is nothing Social about it

what once was a good country

is now debased and ugly

sickened by hatred

infected with revenge


the question is

can we cure the cancer

or will it mestastasize  

and leave us too sick to recover


we once were

a strong and vibrant country

now we are sickened and weak

this malignancy has spread

to our minds

and to our hearts


this Social Cancer is much worse

than a virus

there is no vaccine

no test

everyone is vulnerable


all we can do is

stay strong for our children

teach them right from wrong

set the example

culture cancer is bad

but there is a cure


Love is

the prescription

use daily for best results.



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Paul Sayer

Thu 29th Oct 2020 17:25

Switch Off
& Throw Away

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Rose Casserley

Thu 29th Oct 2020 14:21

Every word is true d.k. but how I wish that it wasn't.

Well written'

Rose 💋

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Oct 2020 13:21

KJ makes a good point - to which I will add the word "respect"..

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keith jeffries

Thu 29th Oct 2020 13:18

A good poem but the problem is not the sole property of the USA; it is everywhere and as with cancer it spreads when and where it wants to go. Love is certainly the antidote.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Oct 2020 13:04

Praiseworthy sentiments. In reality, the eternally dissatisfied and
disconnected (list your own opinions about the reasons and whether
they are justified) will continue to exist, fomented by opportunist
political forces that seek to create division and discontent in pursuit
of some mythical world of their own. The gullible, the guilt-ridden and the glib global-speakers are their allies. Country first/ self second...then the rest.

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