Like a grain of sand

     I will not accept that I am the same as all the others.The millions before me, the millions to come after. NO I say! I am special, I am different. I want to stand out and be noticed. I want my life to have mattered. I want to be remembered. And the millions before me, and the millions to come after, may feel the same way. making us all the same. 

     Like a grain of sand, no two alike in the whole world. But when together, we do look quite the same. And it takes all of us to make the blowing dunes of the vast desert. Sometimes, you are at the top enjoying the breeze and being seen. and other times you are at the bottom holding the other grains of sand up.

     Each grain playing an important part of making the "whole". Alone, barely a trace, nothing really by itself. But with the others, a part of the vast desert. New sand on top of old, since the beginning of time. And this will continue until the mountains, pushed up from under the surface, blow back into the sea grain by grain. And I was a part of it.

     I once felt compelled to leave a mark on the rocks to show I was here. But I realized that rock won`t last the test of time. And I want to leave my mark in the winds of where I`ve yet to go. I want to be one of the grains on top of the next dune. I want to see where I am going. I want to see where I have been. I hope to see people I know there. But if not, I will feel secure knowing that you are one of the grains of sand holding me up. 

     By J.D. Bardo


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J.D. Bardo

Thu 29th Oct 2020 21:47

I sure am not alone with these thoughts, thank-you, Nicola, I respect your thinking. I feel all of your energy

Nicola Beckett

Thu 29th Oct 2020 21:37

I would say we are all energy. And that many drops make an ocean, I once got a card from a writing workshop I ran with my mum for women's day at sweetens bookshop in Bolton a long time ago now, all the women, had signed it, I still have it somewhere, we don't always know how we touch the lives of others, or what affect our words or small acts of kindness or generosity can have on another. We must never look down on another for in doing so we look down on humanity we are all cells, cells with souls, we all come from the stars and the universe and we will go back to it. We all seek the light that is love. We all want to leave our mark, I once carved my name on a tree when young. I wonder if that trees still there? Thanks for the write.

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keith jeffries

Thu 29th Oct 2020 19:05

"I want my life to have mattered". These words stand out for me as it speaks of our identity. When we die will we lose that identity? I think not as it is closely associated with our soul which is the power house of our being and indestructible.

This poem is about self searching and coming to accept who and what we are. A grain of sand. Yet along with others a desert. A grain of sand as a person amongst many. A tree has thousands of leaves, all of which are individual in their appearance. We are all uniquely different and worthy of human dignity irrespective of who or what we are.

This poem will ignite some debate as it touches on the core issue of our creation and value as human beings.

Thank you for this

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J.D. Bardo

Thu 29th Oct 2020 18:37

thankyou, Paul, when I reached the end of writing that, I decided I have "something" to give, but HOW? I can not tell you how much WOL has done for me. thank you all, I won`t be using this write as intended. But it is my favorite. Spread the Word.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 29th Oct 2020 18:21

J.D. This poem goes against the grain, along the grain, opposing the grain, is the grain!

It profoundness is as deep and shifting as any truths.

It has a quicksand effect in that once one starts to become drawn in by its seemingly solid look one soon realises that one is sinking deeper and deeper and the more one struggles to escape it your words fully engulf us, and we become part of it.

It sounds to me like a breath of fresh air.

Mind, when the wind blows, I am glad I've got my mask on.


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J.D. Bardo

Thu 29th Oct 2020 17:35

thank-you, P and Stephen for your like, What does this writing sound like? (unused of course), a hint, the last poem you would write. LOL.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 29th Oct 2020 17:33

My Granny used to say we're all just grains o' sand blowin' about on a big rock. Who knows where we'll end up? Great piece J.D.

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