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(Day 8 of our 14-day Track and Trace self-isolation)


Crowds that drift their way down the street

Neighbours, friends and relatives that we can’t meet

Just watching the world from this window seat

We ain’t going nowhere.


Oo-wee the beer’s running dry

But tomorrow’s the day that the groceries come

Oo-wee, time ticks by

Slowly in the easy chair.


The garden’s all done now summer’s run

We’d sit outside but there ain’t no sun

Confined to barracks just ain’t no fun

So we ain’t going nowhere.


Oo-wee, ain’t goona lie

Going stir crazy just sat on my bum

Oo-wee, time ticks by

Slowly in the easy chair.


Self-isolated and just watching TV

Re-runs of Dallas and of Dynasty

Hourly cups of coffee and an hourly pee

We ain’t going nowhere.


Oo-wee, time drags by

When you’re scratching your arse and chewing gum

Oo-wee, my oh my

We ain’t going nowhere.




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John Coopey

Sun 11th Oct 2020 18:18

Stay strong, Greg. This was never going to be a sprint.
No danger of the T&T being wrong, Paul. We’re contacts of my daughter who’s tested +.
It is teejus, MC. When we come out of isolation though, I shall join the 10 o’clock ravers outside the pub because it’s all just a government hoax.😜
And thanks for the Likes, Kevin, Tom and Stephens and Julie.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 11th Oct 2020 13:50


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 11th Oct 2020 13:49

Or - to recall another notable,ballad from our unfailingly reliable
companions in reality down in Oz - and, if my memory, one
special gentleman named Slim Dusty - "Life get's teejus, don't it?". 😎

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Paul Sayer

Sun 11th Oct 2020 12:20

You know John you could always try writing a few lyrics and strumm... Oh! hang on.

You do know there is a 93% chance that your T&T is wrong don't you?

Official Government figures are never wrong you know.

I am just like Greg, getting more and more like 'Victor Meldrew' by the day...

"I don't F'n believe it" either.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 11th Oct 2020 10:45

Great Dylan song from the Basement Tapes. Byrds did a bloody good version, too. That's not to say yours doesn't have its merits, John, as a commentary on our plight. I felt I was coping with lockdown ok for the first few months. But recently there have been deathbed vigils, funerals to attend, promises to keep. I'm getting bad-tempered; it's all getting a bit too much.

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