Walking down the street all eyes on me.. attitude

Thinkin you're a ladies man ...haha rude

You think they love you and thats alright

And you can have any girl in your bed tonight

You're dressed nice and you are ..well known

You can't remember when you last.. slept alone

You got the ladies round u in the.. night club

Then back to the hotel in the tub

You got the looks of a average man

but coz you're popular on Instagram

Flexin your diamonds thinkin you're lookin slick

They seeing money signs an a blue tick

Thats the message that you are putting out

Attracting gold diggers look out

Lucky dipping girls like you own them all

This is only coz you play football

Youre going through them ..unclean

Amongst them numbers is a young teen

Too busy spending up your next wage

That you forgot to ask ..her age

She tries to call you but now you've

Blocked her

This fragile teen .. now youv broken her

Poor girl.. was raised in care

You thought you was a player .. "nail and bail"

One year later and you're..  in jail

Living the dream and suddenly its over

Labeled a wrongn....Not cool  casanova





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