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A Strange Encounter

One rainy night while returning from work I came across him on the bus- last ride of the day to reach Alm Street- on my way back home. I got onto the bus and sat by the window seat, with earphones plugged, music turned to full volume and my head reasting by the window. As the cool breeze and tiny droplets of water touched my tired face, I noticed this man- with a handsome, chiseled face- staring at me and smiling. At first I tried to ignore but it felt strange for a man to stare at you with an expression of relief(one with those when you find someone you thought you have lost forever.)

"Excuse me sir, do I know you?"


It was strange.What did he mean by "maybe"? I got down at the last stop, so did he. I thought he was following me and so, trying to be a fearless independant women, I turned and asked him why he was following me. Surprisingly he laughed and said," You really haven't changed at all. I am not following you. I stay in the apartment right above your's." That was utterly embarrassing and so to prevent further embarrassment I went back. That night I could barely sleep.

Next morning when I was going out for work again, I found breakfast hanging outside my door- all my favourites- with a small note that said, "Not POISONED do not worry!!!"I did eat it and thankfully it was not not poisoned.

Next few months I felt that everything around me turned changed(in a good way though). He always accompanied back home, took care of me, always made me food. I even felt he was always around me even when he was not but it was not creepy or disturbing instead I felt the warmth,  and I received these little notes with cute instructions written. Every moment I wondered who was he, a stalker or a lover? I had no time to find out, since I lived in a world where it is normal to have five overtimes a week but honestly I actually did not want to, for I was in love with him.

However one evening while returning from the supermarket, I stood on the sidewalk, waiting to cross the road, when I saw him, apparently the last time. It was a cold wintry evening, not many people were around, and I hardly crossed the road when I heard a honking and I turned. The bright light blinded me and before I could do anything I felt I was in someone's arms. It had that same warmth. As I opened my eyes I saw him smiling, although blurry, and he said," Finally I saved you." Next day I woke up on my bed and when I went to his apartment I found it to be empty. They said it had been empty since the past one year.No one seemed to remember him. I tried to to find him anywhere and everywhere but he was just gone.

He disappeared from my life as suddenly as he had appeared, but his warmth still accompanies me.

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Rainy Kar

Thu 26th Nov 2020 19:33

Thank you. I am glad you guys liked it😊

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Paul Sayer

Tue 3rd Nov 2020 16:51

A good write Rainy, I missed this one.

I am glad I looked back.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 19th Aug 2020 13:59

Entertaining and diverting - leaving the reader to imagine what the "reality" was.

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