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When you were born, I thought my love had to be shared.
Of all the burdens I must bear
My brother is on top the list,
Cause my parents really messed up there.

When we lived together
I felt like leaving you outside in the rain,
For my little baby brother
Is surely a very big pain.

But at times when you gave up all that you had-
I realized how much my brother really cared
For you did it just to make me glad,
So thank you for the time you were there.

Even though I might not say,
I'll love you forever like you do.
Dare not forget me ever, okay?
Cause I won't be able to find a brother like you...

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Rainy Kar

Thu 26th Nov 2020 19:34

😇 thank you

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 28th Jul 2020 15:08

Touching. As anyone with a brother would agree.

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