The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son


I am a repeat offender

it is part of my inherant nature

My intentions are good

but my spirit which is willing

gives way to a body which is weak

Lust is tattooed on my soul

as is the pursuit of pleasure

Original sin for me is selfishness

I am wayward and self indulgent

Always ready to apologise

and seek Divine forgiveness

But equally ready to sin again

I am a prodigious prodigal son

well known to my Lord and God

Our relationship is repeatedly mutual

weary and ashamed I go to him 

Contrite and empty he sees inside my heart

and knows my true inner self

He greets me with no anger or malice

each and every time he falls on my neck

and kisses me

Then I am reconciled to him

and welcomed again

Blessed assurance

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 7th Jul 2020 15:19

Much to ponder here.
No matter who you've shot, stabbed or burnt
Some proselytizing prat will say "Lessons will be learnt"!

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keith jeffries

Tue 7th Jul 2020 12:01

Jennifer, Tom, Leon, Po and Abdul. Thank you for your comments.


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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 6th Jul 2020 16:54

We keep returning back in the sure knowledge that a warm sincere welcome will always await us.

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jennifer Malden

Mon 6th Jul 2020 14:15

Very well written and humbling. Who won't recognise themselves in this, at very least partly?


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Paul Sayer

Mon 6th Jul 2020 14:09

Like all of us Keith conflicted.

However, like a few us knowing where those conflicts are, and what areas of our life they effect.

We keep coming back... because we know the answers lie there.

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