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Some lines on Kangana Ranaut

Wrote a few lines on Kangana Ranaut, the bollywood celebrity, who wears too much black to look like an assassin.

So you believe, arrows are sweet;
You have made your mind not to retreat,
Not absolving me any more…
Set sail on the track and therefore,
My agony elevated, fetching me more trouble,
I am in my lonliness unable to even wobble…
Oh God! How can you be so great?
Sealing my beautiful fate…
Leaving me desperately undone,
I wonder what I have lost and what I won.

The resonance of the color does emphatically beat,
While the eyes catch your sight, they feel the greet,
Tearing open the heart’s core,
I fathom if I can reach the shore,
Your persona attacks double,
You look pretty like a big bubble,
I wish I could offer you a date,
But sorry, I cannot be your mate,
I am somebody yet I am nonetheless none,
We shall live two, never can we be one.

If ever I get to meet God, I surely will tweet,
Such noble faces you craft that precipitate us with heat,
And then you send such faces more and more,
And us who are your creation, you tend to ignore,
Your beautified quantum does gobble,
Every now and then they turn noble,
Attracting & infatuating us to a state,
Where we end up waiting, albeit,
We enjoy the sweet moments in every ton,
Whatever is done is beautifully done.

Assassin you look, your objective you meet,
Descriptive enough though, lovingly you treat,
You left the heart pulsating ‘black’ when you wore,
You resemble Venus, and that I discreetly adore,
Your pretty nose reminds me of the cute knobble,
This is the one area I am keen to have squabble,
I am fond of you and your wise gait,
But I know I am not the one very fortunate,
You not around I have nothing to reckon,
But with you, I still don’t have a decision.

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